CAM5057 2017-03-03

Track List

Muchacho Jujeño - 5:30
Danzón Cubano - 7:12
Fuga Y Misterio - 5:55
Old Adam - 3:50
Las Niñas De Santa Fe - 6:03
Milonga Del Ángel - 7:08
I Got Rhythm Variations - 10:04
La Muerte Del Ángel - 3:51


Bruno Canino - piano
Enrico Pieranunzi - piano

Enrico Pieranunzi’s second live album at the Village Vanguard was recorded in the spring of 2015; the 80th year in the life of a club immune to ageing and that seems to live both in the present and in some endless, timeless moment. For “New Spring”, Pieranunzi put together a quartet of some of the most prestigious musicians on the current New York scene: Scott Colley, Clarence Penn and Donny McCaslin.  The material performed consists exclusively of original pieces signed by Pieranunzi and arranged for the occasion. Two of these –Amsterdam Avenue and New Spring – are new entries, never previously been recorded by anyone.