Dream Dance

CAM5031 2009-08-25

Track List

End Of Diversions - 4:07
No-nonsense - 5:36
As Never Before - 6:35
Castle Of Solitude - 5:22
Peu De Chose - 5:35
Nippono Ya-Oke - 6:49
Pseudoscope - 4:35
Dream Dance - 5:48
Five Plus Five - 5:02


Enrico Pieranunzi - piano
Marc Johnson - acoustic bass
Joey Barron - drums

The Pieranunzi-Johnson-Baron trio together again in DREAM DANCE, their seventh album recorded for CAM Jazz. Inevitably one is again touched by the extraordinary mutual understanding that characterizes this formidable trio. All the compositions in DREAM DANCE bear the Pieranunzi seal, but the elaboration and the final result are completely collective. Thomas Conrad, author of the liner notes for the album, writes: “Pieranunzi and Johnson and Baron can launch so many textures and amplitudes and moods that it is difficult to describe them in terms of style. They can renounce predetermined structure and bash against each other and find new form hidden in apparent chaos, as on the track “End Of Diversions”. They can generate cumulative, careening orchestral power, as on “No-nonsense”. They can trace suspended arcs of lyricism like “As Never Before” with a hush that makes you wish this trio would never stop playing ballads.” Conrad again notes “Pieranunzi composes erudite, poignant, inevitable songs: sweeping lines like “Castle Of Solitude” and free floating ephemera like “Nippon Ya-oke” that cohere into incantations and elegant figurines like “Dream Dance.” But with this trio, all forms are starting points, occasions for a process where thematic statement and interpretation and improvisation become inseparable."