The Extra Something

CAM5062 2022-08-12

Track List

Blue Afternoon - 7:58
The Extra Something - 10:48
Atoms - 7:44
The Real You - 6:16
Entropy - 9:16
Song for Kenny - 9:49
Five Plus Five - 8:28


Enrico Pieranunzi - piano
Diego Urcola - trumpet, trombone
Seamus Blake - tenor saxophone
Ben Street - bass
Adam Cruz - drums

Recorded in the historic ambience of the Village Vanguard in New York, The Extra Something is not just another release by a prolific artist. Working with a first-class band, Pieranunzi combines core jazz values with a sense of structure and order that comes from classical music, but all of it animated by a strong sense of freedom.  Pieranunzi has risen to the ranks of the most significant contemporary musicians, a name to be placed alongside some of the greatest we have seen and heard.  The Extra Something contains approximately 60 minutes of original music composed by Enrico Pieranunzi.