The musical memories of Joe Castro

Joe Castro

JAZZ - Passion Flower, title of this second box set dedicated to pianist Joe Castro (1927-2009), is a composition by Billy Strayhorn (1915-1967). Lush Life, by the same Strayhorn, had already provided the title of the first box set published in 2015. Joe Castro, pianist and leader, son of Mexican immigrant, has for companion, between 1951 and 1966, Doris Duke, passionate about jazz. We can hear it with four hands with Joe. She offers the extended circle of their friends (top musicians) the perfect conditions: jam sessions or albums recorded in the over-equipped studios of her two residences - Falcon Lair, in Beverly Hills, and Duke Farms, in New Jersey. Judging by the friendship, the tempos, or the delicious nonchalance of these late-night sessions, no one was lacking for anything.
Building on the success of its first package of six CDs, the same team goes to work again. Producer, François Zalacain (Basque living in New York for the love of jazz); informant, James Castro (son of Joe); both uncompromising and tireless architect of adventure, Daniel Richard. Scholar to be sure, able to identify anyone with the dull sound of sax pads - but most of all, checking every detail with fiery detremination.
After hours of glory, Castro was vegetating in oblivion. It is the subject of an excellent entry in the Dictionary of Jazz by Jean-Paul Ricard (Books, page 229). It cannot be reduced to a genre, or even to an excellence. This is evidenced by the regular presence at Falcon Lair or Duke Farms of Red Mitchell (double bass) and Paul Bley, which he produces solo (piano), or Paul Motian and Billy Higgins (drummers): musicians who will be called essential smugglers. ..
Castro's trios line up luxury rhythms (Paul Chambers & Philly Joe Jones); the presentation of Paul Bley (1956) is as rare as that of George and Flo Handy; the Groove Funk Soul album for the Atlantic label (1960), with Teddy Edwards (tenor sax), Leroy Vinnegar (bass) and Paul Motian announces the mood. Remind Me, an unreleased extract from a project for Clove Records, the ephemeral label created by Joe & Duke (1965-1966)? Pure wonder, with Teddy Kotick & Paul Motian, or trumpeter Al Porcino within the Bob Cooper Ensemble. Impeccable texts and photos, luthier sound. Passion Flower, model box: heritage, savior of oblivion ... Memory is not a duty. It’s a luxury treat.

New Releases from Sonny Rollins and Charles Mingus Reveal Crucial Conceptions of Political Art

Charles Mingus

New Releases from Sonny Rollins and Charles Mingus Reveal Crucial Conceptions of Political Art

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Paquito D'Rivera

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Bob Stewart

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Jamie Baum

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Bob Stewart

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Clovis Nicolas

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Armen Donelian

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John Escreet

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Taylor Haskins

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Abdullah Ibrahim

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Brandon Ross

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Diego Barber

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Brandon Ross

Revealing Essence Reviewed In DownBeat!

Brandon Ross

Revealing Essence Reviewed In Jazziz!

Brandon Ross

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Clovis Nicolas

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Kate McGarry

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Kate McGarry

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Nick Sanders

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Randy Weston

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Paquito d'Rivera wins 2014 Grammy Award for Song for Maura , in the Latin Jazz Album Category

Paquito D'Rivera

Paquito d'Rivera wins 2014 Grammy Award for Song for Maura , in the Latin Jazz Album Category

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Kate McGarry

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Stephan Crump

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Harold Danko: Fabulous Jazz Player from famous big bands

Harold Danko

Harold Danko is of the last generation of fabulous jazz players who came up through famous "name" big bands. For Harold, it was Woody Herman and the Thundering Herd, the Thad Jones and Mel Lewis Orchestra, and the Gerry Mulligan Concert Jazz Band.

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Rez Abbasi


NYTimes loves Goldberg Variations

Dan Tepfer

"I was engrossed from the start ...Mr. Tepfer’s variations were often bold adventures in modern jazz."

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Kenny Barron

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Joel Harrison

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Ivan Lins

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Stan Killian

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Rebecca Martin

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Joey Calderazzo

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Laszlo Gardony

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Miho Hazama

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Steve Kuhn

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Rebecca Martin

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Rebecca Martin

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Cristina Pato

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Cristina Pato

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Edward Simon

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Dayna Stephens

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Dayna Stephens

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Dan Tepfer

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Dan Tepfer

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Jacky Terrasson

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Sunny Kim

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Bill McHenry

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Arts for Life

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Bill McHenry

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Dave King

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Neckam featured in DownBeat!

Maria Neckam

Ted Panken wrote a feature on Maria Neckam for the January 2013 issue of DownBeat!

Grammy Nominated Best Vocal Jazz Artist - 2013

Luciana Souza


Goldberg Feature in Jazz News

Aaron Goldberg

A new feature on Aaron Goldberg in Jazz News (France)!

Souza Feature in Jazz News!

Luciana Souza

Short feature on Luciana Souza in Jazz News (France)!

Top 6 in Jazz News

Luciana Souza

Duos III was one of Jazz News's (France) Top 6 releases for Oct. 2012!

Ortiz feature in Jazz News (France)

Aruan Ortiz

Very nice feature for Aruan Ortiz in Jazz News (France).

Great Jazziz Review

Laurent Coq

Very nice review in the Fall 2012 Issue of Jazziz.

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Luciana Souza

Nice reviews of Duos III and The Book of Chet by Christopher Loudon in the October 2012 Issue of JazzTimes!

Review in JazzTimes

Russ Lossing

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DownBeat Review

Russ Lossing

Nice review by John Ephland in the October 2012 issue of DownBeat.

JazzTimes Review

Michael Feinberg

Nice review by Bill Milkowski in the Oct. 2012 Issue of JazzTimes.

Top 6 Releases for October 2012

Luciana Souza

Duos III was one of Jazz News' ( France) top 6 Releases for October 2012

Loneliness in Two Languages

Luciana Souza

"After three years away that earned consistent acclaim{...] she releases two spare and stunning albums ."

Loneliness in Two Languages

Luciana Souza

"After three years away that earned consistent acclaim{...] she releases two spare and stunning albums ."

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Laurent Coq

Nice short feature for Rayuela in Jazz Magazine (France).

Ortiz's Santiarican Blues Suite in JazzTimes!

Aruan Ortiz

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Rayuela Reviewed in JazzTimes!

Laurent Coq

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Christian Escoude

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Laurent Coq

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Escoffery Reviewed in JazzTimes!

Wayne Escoffery

Wayne Escoffery's "The Only Son of One" and Ben Riley's "Grown Folks Music" reviewed by Bill Milkowski @ JazzTimes!

Escoffery Gets 4 Stars in DownBeat!

Wayne Escoffery

Wayne Escoffery's "The Only Son of One" receives a four star review by Chris Robinson in DownBeat!

Mooney Interviewed for JazzTimes!

Davy Mooney

Davy Mooney has a profile in the August 2012 issue of JazzTimes. Written by Michael J. West.

Klein's Carrera Reviewed in JazzTimes!

Guillermo Klein

Guillermo Klein's "Carrera" gets a great review by Lloyd Sachs in the August 2012 issue of JazzTimes.

Klein in the DB Hotbox!

Guillermo Klein

Guillermo Klein's "Carrera" reviewed in the DownBeat Hotbox! Great extended review by Jim Macnie.

Riley's "Grown Folks Music" Reviewed in Jazz Magazine!

Ben Riley

Ben Riley's "Grown Folks Music" is reviewed by Jacques Aboucaya in the July issue of Jazz Magazine (France).

Okazaki's "Figurations" Reviewed in Jazz Magazine!

Miles Okazaki

Miles Okazaki's "Figurations" reviewed by Martin Guerpin for the July 2012 issue of Jazz Magazine.

Neckam's Unison Reviewed in Jazz Magazine!

Maria Neckam

Maria Neckam's "Unison" is reviewed in the July 2012 issue of Jazz Magazine!

Neckam's Unison Reviewed in JazzTimes!

Maria Neckam

Maria Neckam's "Unison" is reviewed by Christopher Loudon in the August 2012 issue of JazzTimes!

Ortiz's "Santiarican Blues Suite" Reviewed by Jazz Magazine!

Aruan Ortiz

Aruan Ortiz's "Santiarican Blues Suite" is reviewed in the July 2012 issue of Jazz Magazine (France).

Great DB Review for Aruán Ortiz!

Aruan Ortiz

John Ephland gives Aruán Ortiz's "Santiarican Blues Suite" 4 1/2 stars!

Klein's Carrera Reviewed in Jazz News!

Guillermo Klein

Very nice review of Guillermo Klein's Carrera in Jazz News (France)!

Early Review of Rayuela in Jazz News!

Miguel Zenon

Nice early review of Miguel Zenón & Laurent Coq's Rayuela in Jazz News (France)! US release date is July 31st!

Tixier Featured in DownBeat!

Scott Tixier

Nice feature on Scott Tixier in the June 2012 issue of DownBeat.

Tixier Reviewed in Jazz Magazine!

Scott Tixier

Scott Tixier's "Brooklyn Bazaar" reviewed in the May 2012 issue of Jazz Magazine (France)!

Charlston's "Essentially Hermeto" Reviewed in DownBeat!

Erik Charlston

Erik Charlston Jazz Brasil's "Essentially Hermeto" was reviewed in the June 2012 issue of DownBeat. 3 1/2 Stars.

Harrison's "Search" Reviewed in DownBeat!

Joel Harrison

Joel Harrison 7's "Search" was reviewed in the June 2012 issue of DownBeat. 4 Stars!

Bates's "Acrobat" Review in Jazz Colours

Michael Bates

Michael Bates "Acrobat" is reviewed in the Italian magazine Jazz Colours.

"Yes!" Reviewed in Jazziz

Aaron Goldberg

Ali Jackson, Aaron Goldberg and Omer Avital's "Yes!" reviewed in the March 2012 issue of Jazziz!

"Jerry Gonzalez y el Comando de la Clave" Reviewed in Jazziz

Jerry Gonzalez

Jerry Gonzalez's latest recording reviewed in the January 2012 issue of Jazziz!

Donelian's "Leapfrog" gets 4 Stars in Jazz Magazine

Armen Donelian

Armen Donelian's "Leapfrog" gets a 4 star review in the March 2012 issue of Jazz Magazine (France).

"Comando de la Clave" Indispensable!

Jerry Gonzalez

Great review for Jerry Gonzalez's "Comando de la Clave" in Jazz Magazine (France) - Apr. 2012!

d'Ambrosio's "By Myself" Gets Nice Review in Jazz Magazine

Meredith d'Ambrosio

Meredith d'Ambrosio "By Myself" received a very good review in the April 2012 issue of Jazz Magazine.

"Yes!" Reviewed in Jazz Magazine

Aaron Goldberg

Very nice review of Ali Jackson, Aaron Goldberg & Omer Avital's "Yes!" in the April 2012 issue of Jazz Magazine (France).

"Jahira" Reviewed in Jazz Times!

Hans Glawischnig

Hans Glawischnig's "Jahira" reviewed in the April 2012 issue of Jazz Times.

"Frame" Reviewed in Jazz Times!

Ben Wendel

Ben Wendel's "Frame" reviewed in the April 2012 issue of Jazz Times!

d'Ambrosio's "By Myself" Reviewed in Jazz Times!

Meredith d'Ambrosio

Meredith d'Ambrosio's "By Myself" reviewed in the April 2012 issue of Jazz Times!

Udden's "If the Past..." in Jazz News Top 6!

Hush Point

Jeremy Udden's Plainville's "If the Past Seems So Bright" was in Jazz News (France) Top 6 for January/February 2012!

"Ron Carter's Great Big Band" Reviewed in Jazz News!

Ron Carter

"Ron Carter's Great Big Band" reviewed in the January/February 2012 issue of Jazz News (France).

Killian's "Unified" Reviewed in Jazz News!

Stan Killian

Stan Killian's "Unified" was reviewed in the January/February issue of Jazz News (France).

Stevens's "Weightless" Reviewed in Jazz News!

Becca Stevens

Becca Stevens's "Weightless" reviewed in the January/February issue of Jazz News (France).

Tepfer's "Goldberg Variations/Variations" Indispensable!

Dan Tepfer

Dan Tepfer's "Goldberg Variations/Variations" gets a great review in the January/February issue of Jazz News (France).

Weiss's "Snuck Out" Reviewed in Jazz News!

David Weiss

David Weiss & Point of Departure's "Snuck Out" was reviewed in the January/February 2012 issue of Jazz News.

Blake's "Eleventh Hour" Reviewed in Jazz Times!

Johnathan Blake

Johnathan Blake's "Eleventh Hour" was reviewed in the May 2012 issue of Jazz Times.

DuBois's "Landscape Scripture" Reviewed at JazzTimes!

Scott DuBois

Scott DuBois's "Landscape Scripture" reviewed in the May 2012 issue of Jazz Times.

Johnathan Blake in DownBeat!

Johnathan Blake

Nice review for "The Eleventh Hour" in DownBeat.

Ben Wendel Reviewed in DownBeat!

Ben Wendel

Ben Wendel's "Frame" reviewed in DownBeat.

Dan Tepfer LIVE at the Rudin Museum

Dan Tepfer

Both New York and Wall Street Journal give him accolades. See Him LIve in Concert at the Rubin Museum on December 21.

Read more

Klein in Jazz News!

Guillermo Klein

Very nice article on Guillermo Klein in the latest issue of the French jazz magazine Jazz News.

Fernando Cruz, Jazz News - October 2011 read the full article

Francois Zalacain and Sunnyside gets a profile in Jazz News (France)!

Sunnyside Records

Read up on Francois and the happenings at Sunnyside Records.

Thierry Pérémarti, Jazz News - October 2011 read the full article

Sunnyside #1 in DownBeat's Critics Poll!

Sunnyside Records

Sunnyside Records took the top spot in the 2011 DownBeat Critics Poll! First time ever for the label.

writers, DOWNBEAT - July 2011 read the full article

Dan Tepfer at 92Y in NYC!

Dan Tepfer

One June 22, pianist Dan Tepfer will be performing in the inaugural Live at 92Y series gig hosted by The Checkout's Joshua Jackson. He'll be playing solo, in duo with saxophonist Noah Preminger, and in a trio with Joe Martin and Ted Poor. Please come by. Tickets can be found here:

Check out Becca Stevens' new music video

Becca Stevens

Facebook and Bandcamp!

Sunnyside Records

Sunnyside is happy to announce its foray into Facebook and Bandcamp. We hope that you can follow our news and releases on these great platforms.

Facebook - Sunnyside


Roswell Rudd's NYC 75th Birthday Celebration!

Roswell Rudd

Hope that you can come out to trombonist Roswell Rudd's Birthday Celebration at City Winery on Nov. 20th! Check out the attached flier for the amazing lineup of performers and friends.

Roswell Rudd, City Winery - November 2010 read the full article

Lucian Ban & John Hebert present the Enesco Project in NYC, Nov. 2nd!

Lucian Ban

Sunnyside and the Romanian Cultural Institute of Bucharest are proud to present a performance by Lucian Ban & John Hebert's Enesco Project at Le Poisson Rouge on Nov. 2nd! They will be presenting material from their new recording "Enesco Re-Imagined." For tickets and info about the review, follow the link below:

Undead Festival in NYC!

Happy Apple

Make sure that you don't miss the upcoming Undead Jazz Festival in New York City over the weekend of June 12th and 13th. There will be a plethora of Sunnyside artists present.

Performances by the John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble, Happy Apple, Bill McHenry Quintet, Alan Ferber Nonet, Miles Okazaki /Dan Weiss, David Weiss & Point of Departure, Ben Wendel Group, and Roswell Rudd/Lafayette Harris.

Point of Departure CD Release Gig!

David Weiss

Come see David Weiss and his Point of Departure band celebrate their new Sunnyside CD, Snuck In, at the Iridium Jazz Club in NYC on June 16th!

Maria Neckam CD Release Gig in NYC!

Maria Neckam

Maria Neckam will be performing at Joe's Pub on June 7th to celebrate the release of her new album, Deeper.

Denny Zeitlin "Precipice" Review and Preorders

Denny Zeitlin

Here is a link to Jeff Simon's fantastic review for the Buffalo News.
The record will be released on May 18th. You can pre-order on Amazon.

Alan Ferber Nonet CD Release in NYC!

Alan Ferber

Alan Ferber will celebrate his album release with a performance at the Jazz Gallery in NYC on May 13th! He will present material from "Chamber Songs" ft. his Nonet with Strings.

Rosetta Trio CD Release in NYC!

Stephan Crump

Stephan Crump will present his Rosetta Trio at the Jazz Gallery on June 3rd in celebration of their new recording "Reclamation"!

Steve Cardenas CD Release in NYC!

Steve Cardenas

Steve Cardenas will celebrate the release of his new CD "West of Middle" at Jazz Standard on June 1st! He'll be performing with his Trio featuring bassist Ben Allison and drummer Rudy Royston.

Winter Jazz Fest!

Sunnyside Records

That time of year again! Join us for the 2011 Winter Jazz Fest in NYC from Jan. 7 to 8. The festivities are held at 5 clubs in Greenwich Village, including Le Poisson Rouge, Kenny's Castaways, The Zinc Bar, Sullivan Hall and The Bitter End. Sunnyside artists involved include JD Allen, Dan Tepfer, Aaron Goldberg, Miles Okazaki, Donny McCaslin, Jamie Baum and David Weiss. Should be great! Check the WJF website for tickets and info:

JIm Beard's album "Revolutions" is nominated for a Grammy

Jim Beard

The track "Hope" arrranged by Vince Mendoza is nominated in the Best Instrumental Arrangement category. Congratulations to Jim Beard and Vince Mendoza.

John Hollenbeck' s album nominated for a Grammy

John Hollenbeck

Sunnyside congratulates John Hollenbeck on his Here for the album details

JD Allen at the Village Vanguard Reviewed

JD Allen Trio

JD performed at the Vanguard from August 11-16, 2009. This was his Vanguard debut!

Nate Chinen, The New York Times - August 2009 read the full article

Hollenbeck Large Ensemble in NYTimes!

John Hollenbeck

Eternal Interlude reviewed by Nate Chinen for the New York Times.

Nate Chinen, The New York Times - August 2009 read the full article

Catch Roswell Rudd and his "Trombone Tribe" on NPR

Roswell Rudd

Kevin Whitehead, NPR - April 2009 Listen to the Interview

Go See Sunnyside Artists NYC Performances In June!

Guillermo Klein

We're happy to see a multitude of our artists performing in June.

Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos @ The Village Vanguard from June 2 to 7.
Bill McHenry Quintet @ The Village Vanguard from June 9 to 14.
Abdullah Ibrahim @ Jazz Standard from June 9 to 14.
Miles Okazaki's Generations @ The Jazz Gallery from June 12 to 13.
Luba Mason @ The Blue Note on June 13.

Hope to see you there.

2008 Village Voice Jazz Poll winners include Guillermo Klein's Filtros and Vijay Iyer 's Tragicomic in its top ten albums

Guillermo Klein

Francis Davis, the village VOICE - January 2009 read the full article

NPR selects four Sunnyside artists for its Best of 2008 CDs

Sunnyside Records

Vijay Iyer and Kenny Barron both were chosen for the " Geniuses collide in 2008's Best Jazz" while Moss was included in the "The 10th Annual CD, Er, MP3 Gift Guide" and Francesco Tristano figures in the selection for "WNYC's Genre Mix: Top 10 Albums Of 2008".

Shaunna Morrison Machosky, NPR - December 2008 read the full article
Ned Wharton, NPR - December 2008 read the full article
John Schaefer, NPR - January 2009 read the full article

Filtros honored in the New York Times 2008 Standouts in Rap, Jazz and Country

Guillermo Klein

The album Filtros is listed in second position of the ten albums selected as teh New york Times 2008 Stand Outs.

Nate Chinen, The New York Times - January 2009 read the full article

JD Allen in JazzTimes

JD Allen Trio

Saxophonist J.D. Allen's recent I Am I Am (Sunnyside), his third disc, arrives six years after his previous Pharaoh's Children (Criss Cross). But his strong reputation as a New York bandleader evolved during those in-between years without building momentum toward CD releases.

For full article by John Murph:

John Murph, DOWNBEAT - August 2008 read the full article

Listen to NPR's interview of Guillermo Klein and his band of Devotees

Guillermo Klein

Guillermo Klein And His Band Of Devotees
Tom Vitale, NPR - July 2008
Listen to the Broadcast

Filtered jazz. Argentine visionary Guillermo Klein writes genre-defying music for a band of elite jazz players.

Guillermo Klein

"I'm not a jazz composer", states Guillermo Klein, pianist and leader of the 11-piece ensemble Los Guachos. "The term 'jazz composition' is vague, but it's ofter used to explain instrumental songs with solos, which is cool with me."
David Adler, JazzTimes - August 2008 read the full article

French Lessons.


"I get bored very fast", Helena Noguerra laughs over the phone, explaining why she flits between so many different projects,
Melissa Blazek, JAZZIZ - May 2008 read the full article

True Tenor. To saxophonist Adam Kolker, visibility matters less than making good music.

Adam Kolker

Claims made in liner notes can't always be taken straight to the bank. But Peter Watrous' proposition in hos notes to Adam Kolker's new Sunnyside CD, 'Flag Day' is supported by the album content.
Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes - June 2008 read the full article

Spanish Classical Heart

Helen Sung

Helen Sung admits she has ground to cover, yet as begun taking steps toward her ultimate goal. This apparently tentative perspective fits someone who aspired to be a concert pianist and whose interest in jazz did not blossom until her junior year of college.
Eric Fine, DOWNBEAT - February 2008 read the full article

Nuevo Latin. Hans Glawischnig gives afro-cuban music a postbop twist.

Hans Glawischnig

Hans Glawischnig has immersed himself in Latin-Jazz, yet the rubric provides an inadequate description of his music. The Austrian bassist preserves the rhythmic elements, but abandons the static harmony that characterizes the Afro-Cuban tradition.
Eric Fine, JazzTimes - April 2008 read the full article

Paquito D'Rivera features in Downbeat's Readers Poll

Paquito D'Rivera

"There are some great clarinetists", said first-time Readers Poll winner Paquito D'Rivera. "We are a small group, but we are dangerous!"
Jason Koransky, DOWNBEAT - December 2007 read the full article

Destiny's Decree

Bill McHenry

Raised on Maine's craggy Atlantic coast, where Penobscot Indians one commingled with the 17th-century Calvinist settlers who believed in predestination, Bill McHenry claims that he was foreordained to play the saxophone.
Ted Panken, DOWNBEAT - January 2008 read the full article

Part ot the Pantheon

Chris Potter

Chris Potter now occupies his own branch of the jazz saxophone tree. He has clearly emerged as a leading improvisational voice of his generation, as his peers recognize his special abilities, and he has a firm grasp on hos hard-earned skills and natural talent.
Ted Panken, DOWNBEAT - February 2008 read the full article

Playing Pan-American Changes

Hans Glawischnig

"I'm a multicultural product", said bassist Hans Glawischnig. "I grew up bilingual, with an American mother and an Austrian father. It's like I need several languages present in my life to keep moving forward."
Ted Panken, DOWNBEAT - March 2008 read the full article

Neapolitan Jazz Flavors

Mariapia De Vito

"For me, speaking English is like eating chocolate", said Mariapia De Vito, in New-York from Rome to sing at the Blue Note on opening night of a three-day event showcasting Italian women in jazz.
Ted Panken, DOWNBEAT - June 2008 read the full article

Experimental Attitudes

Vijay Iyer

Pianists Matthew Shipp, Vijay Iyer and Jason Moran share at least one thing in common: They've each forged a fiercely individual approach to creating jazz.
Ted Panken, DOWNBEAT - July 2008 read the full article

Chris Potter is Playboy's Jazz Artist of the Year

Chris Potter

Although this past year was notable for a series of extraordinary jazz reissues, the best jazz embrace the future. Playboy - March 2008 read the full article

Listen to Guillermo Klein Interview and Live concert at the Village Vanguard

Guillermo Klein

Guillermo Klein spent one week athe village vanguard and NPR- WBGO caught up with him for an interview and the concert.

Listen to the concert

Catch up with Phil Markowitz at a festival near you

Phil Markowitz

6/27 Saxophone Summit II - Montreal Jazz Festival

6/28 Saxophone Summit II - JVC Jazz Festival, Saratoga Springs, NY

7/3 Saxophone Summit II Kongsberg Jazz festival- Kongsberg, Norway

7/4.5.6 Saxophone Summit II Kulturzentrum Salzau - Fargua-Pratjau, Germany

7/7 Saxophone Summit II Glassalen, Denmark

7/10 Saxophone Summit II Porto, Portugal

7/11 Saxophone Summit II Pamplona, Spain - JazzFermin

7/12 Saxophone Summit II Bimhuis, Amsterdam

7/13 Saxophone Summit II Blue Note Festival - Ghent, Belgium

7/15 Saxophone Summit II Place Python - Fribourg, Switzerland

8/17 Phil Markowitz - Maurizio Giammarco Quartet w/ Fabrizio Sferra + Pierro Leveratto - San Remo, Italy

8/18-22 Phil Markowitz - Maurizio Giammarco Quartet w/ Fabrizio Sferra + Pierro Leveratto Rocella Jazz Festival, Italy

8/24 Phil Markowitz - Maurizio Giammarco Quartet w/ Fabrizio Sferra + Pierro Leveratto - Villa Celimontano, Rome

9/24-25 Saxophone Summit II - Phil with Dave Liebman, Joe Lovano, Ravi Coltrane, Billy Hart and Cecil McBee - Regatta Bar, Cambridge, MA

9/27 Phil Markowitz Trio Jay Anderson-bass, Adam Nussbaum-drums
Deerhead Inn, Deleware Water Gap, PA

10/16 - Phil Markowitz - solo piano - East Stroudsburg University

10/31-11/1 Phil Markowitz Trio Jay Anderson-bass, Adam Nussbaum-drums
Earshot Jazz Festival, Seattle, WA

11/2 Phil Markowitz Trio Jay Anderson-bass, Adam Nussbaum-drums
Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society - Half Moon Bay, CA

11/8 Phil Markowitz Trio Dazzle's - Denver, CO

11/12 Phil Markowitz Trio- Jay Anderson-bass, Adam Nussbaum-drums - Altes Pfandhaus - Cologne, Germany

11/14 Phil Markowitz Trio - Kulak Jazz, Baden Switzerland

11/15 Phil Markowitz Trio Chorus Jazzclub - Lausanne Switzerland

11/16 Phil Markowitz Trio A-Trane Jazzclub - Berlin, Germany

11/17 Phil Markowitz Trio - Master classes at the Berlin Music Conservatory

11/18 Phil Markowitz Trio - London Jazz Festival

11/19 Phil Markowitz Trio - Master classes at Guild Hall School of Music, London/ London Jazz Festival

11/20 Phil Markowitz Trio Copenhagen Jazzhouse - Denmark

11/21 Phil Markowitz Trio Dexter Jazzhouse - Odense, Denmark

11/22 Phil Markowitz Trio Padova Jazz Festival Padova, Italy

11/23 Phil Markowitz Trio Valderice, Italy

Join us at Cornelia Cafe to celebrate the release of Scott DuBois's new CD " Banshees" on Thursday June 12, 2008

Scott DuBois

Cornelia Street Cafe in New York City
Sets at 8:30PM and 10PM

29 Cornelia Street
212 989 - 9319

Scott DuBois - Guitar
Gebhard Ullmann - Tenor/Soprano Saxophones and Bass Clarinet
Thomas Morgan - Bass
Ted Poor - Drums

Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra at Jazz Standards

Steven Bernstein

“Reliably rowdy and often brilliant,” (Ben Ratliff, The New York Times),
This exciting nonet features some of Gotham’s most original musical voices—all wicked and well-traveled improvisers who tear into and savor Steven Bernstein’s arrangements like the tangiest Kansas City barbecue.

Reserve Your Seat

Francesco Tristano performs classical and techno concert at Carnegie Hall

Francesco "Chicho" Tristano

The Distinctive Debuts II series is a project of the European Concert Hall Organization (ECHO), supported by the European Commission. For this series, the directors of Europe’s most important concert halls and Carnegie Hall—the only non-European member of ECHO—nominate young soloists or ensembles from their own countries to appear in other ECHO halls. Rising Stars nominees appear at Carnegie Hall in the Distinctive Debuts series in Weill Recital Hall.
From Rome in the early 17th century to New York in the early 21st, from Baroque dances to techno, this program offers a ten-finger tour of the western musical world—or, at least, of the edges of that world. This is not the piano’s central repertory. We are in places where the instrument bumps up against its forebears, the harpsichord (Frescobaldi) and clavichord (Bach); where it encounters modern urban life, on streets and in clubs; where notated music fades into improvisation; or where memory becomes a means of inquiry into the future.

Wall Street Journal Selects Senti Toy's record as a Best of 2007

Senti Toy

"How many stories do you read on my face" is selected by Jim Fusilli as one of the Best of 2007.

Jim Fusilli, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - December 2007 read the full article

Chris Potter's albums selected in the 10 best of 2007 by Chicago Tribune, PopMatters and the Redwood Jazz Allilance

Chris Potter

Chicago Tribune puts it in third position : "The wrting for Potter's tentet is so harmonically advanced, structurally sound and intellectually rigorous as to demand repeated listening" .
Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune - December 2007 read the full article

PopMatters puts it in 7th :" Chris Potter is building a claim to greatness"
Will Layman, PopMatters - December 2007 read the full article

Northcoast Journal and the Redwood Jazz Alliance put both of his records tied in number 1 position:" What they have in common is Potter's brillinat improvisations"
, Redwood Jazz Alliance - December 2007 read the full article

New York Times critics rank Roses by Bill McHenry in the top 5 of 2007

Bill McHenry

Ben Ratliff says the saxophonist Bill McHenry is a good example of Jazz at its best : always both old-fashioned and modern, and He plays with unabashed enthusiasm for melody: no mazes of harmony or time signature here; the warm, sweet lines ripely tumble out, dictating the band’s rhythm as they go.(#4 rank in the top 10 of 2007)

Nate Chinen says: Throughout his gorgeous and uncompromising new record the tenor saxophonist Bill McHenry threads his melodies as if through a fabric. He’s confident enough to let his band mates — the insinuative drummer Paul Motian, the venturesome bassist Reid Anderson and especially the ingenious guitarist Ben Monder — shape the songs as they desire.(#3 rank in the top 10 of 2007)

DownBeat features Antonio Sanchez, David King and Jeff Ballard, amongst the new generation of Jazz Drummers

Antonio Sanchez

Jazz drumming has become a more complicated story, as genres have blended and blurred. A growing roster of inventive drummers incorporates aspects of Hip-Hop and rock, world music colors and odd time signatures..
November 2007
read the full article

Hot Box gives ***1/2 to Happy Apple

Happy Apple

The more I spun it, the warmer it felt. Jim Macnie, DOWNBEAT - November 2007
read the full article

Gunther Schuller resurrects a Mingus Masterpiece

Mingus Big Band-Orchestra-Dynasty

Geoffrey Himes, DOWNBEAT - March 2007
read the full article

Have trombone. Will travel, the Adventures of Rosewell Rudd

Roswell Rudd

John Ephland, GLOBAL RHYTHM - October 2007
read the full article

Guillermo Klein spends a fortnight at the Village Vanguard

Guillermo Klein

Midway through the final set Klein with 11 pieces group , Los Guachos , seemed to share an esthetc intersection with Thad Jones, who reinvnetd the big band cannon on the same Vanguard bandstand

Ted Panken, DOWNBEAT - October 2007
read the full article

Joe Zawinul, friend and jazz magician, passed away on Sept 12th in his hometown of Vienna.

Sunnyside Records

A force, a spirit, a heart. this is a very sad moment. We miss him terribly.

Read about and Listen to Joe Zawinul on NPR.

Happy Apple celebrates the release of its new recording "happy apple back on top"

Happy Apple

at The Artist’s Quarter in downtown St. Paul. FRI AUG31, SAT SEPT1 & SUN SEPT2. we hope to see you there... 7th Place and St. Peter St. in the Hamm Building, dwtn st. paul, St. Paul, Minnesota

Martial Solal will turns 80 and he is France's greatest pianist.

Martial Solal

Yet jazz fans still ask: "Qui est Monsieur Solal?"
Christopher Porter, JazzTimes - January
read the full article

Guillermo Klein: The Man That Got Away

Guillermo Klein

WHEN Guillermo Klein brings his band to the Village Vanguard for a week of shows starting June 13, it will be the return of a beloved musician...His music resembled nothing else, especially as it moved toward grooves and away from the harmonic exercises he had learned in music school. It was jazz, of a kind, but it included brass choirs, counterpoint, drones, Argentine and Cuban rhythms and a lot of singing.
Ben Ratliff, The New York Times - June 2007
read the full article

Argentine Visitor Arrives With Armloads of Rhythm

Guillermo Klein

The Vanguard has invited him back for two weeks this year. Though the music sounds even stronger, Mr. Klein is still holding it together without a lot of self-serving flash. He deserves credit for this, especially because he has a specific sound.

Ben Ratliff, The New York Times - June 2007
read the full article

Jazz With a Casual Urgency, Played in Support of Peace

Donny McCaslin

The trio’s first set was action packed, advancing a deceptively casual model of
interaction. At times there was a work-in-progress feeling, but it wasn’t unwelcome. It was almost the point....Proceeds from the evening went to the antiwar organization United for Peace and Justice, as part of a series
called Jazz Means Peace.

Nate Chinen, The New York Times - June 2007
read the full article

JazzReach takes to the Streets

Metta Quintet

Jazzreach intorduces its latest program She said /She says: The history and Status of Women in Jazz.

Ken Micallef, DOWNBEAT - June 2007
read the full article

Blindfold Test with Bronx-Born Trumpetor - Congero

Jerry Gonzalez

Jerry Gonzalez is an innovator in making Afro Carribean beats fit into hardcore jazz environments , especially on Ya Yo Me Cure and Rumba Para Monk. This is his first blindfold tets....

Ted Panken, DOWNBEAT - June 2007
read the full article

Sunnyside doing Yeoman's work of reissuing lost but excellent blues discs

Sunnyside Records

T-bone Walker's Good Feelin' which won him a Grammy in 1970 shoudl never have been out of print. Clarence Gatemouth Brown's Gates includes four tracks with Canned Heat , pioneers of ultra orthodox white blues revivalism. As for South side reunion of Memphis Slim and Buddy Guy, it sounds like all involved were playing for their own pleasure.

Phil Freeman, JAZZIZ - May 2007
read the full article

Jay Leonhart celebrates his 66th birthday

Jay Leonhart

George Kanzler, JazzTimes - April 2007
read the full article

Saxophonist Bob Belden 'resynthesise' music from Miles Davis'

Bob Belden

classic 'Bitches Brew' live in New York for Jazz on 3.
BBC, March 2007 View the photo album of the session

Charles Mingus Epitaps's Return

Mingus Big Band-Orchestra-Dynasty

An event that happened ten years after Charles Mingus death created a tsunami spreading throughout the jazz world now known as Mingus Music.

George Kanzler, all.about.jazz - March 2007

A Wide World of Sound With an Argentine Beat

Guillermo Klein

Guillermo Klein has built some fascinating bridges between jazz, pop,
classical music and the chacareras and tangos of his native Argentina.
His best music also carries smart harmonic ideas and surprising bolts
of lyricism, but virtually all of it deals purposefully with the subject of
Nate Chinen, The New York Times-February 2007
read the full article

Guillermo Klein will be in New York on February 15, 2007 for the Sunnyside 25th Anniversay concert at Merkin Hall

Guillermo Klein

Here is a taste of what's to come...

JazzTimes Readers select Dave Holland as best in two categories in 2006

Dave Holland

Best Accoustic Bass Artist, Best Accoustic Group. Dave is also selected in the five best in Big Band and Arranger categories. Congratulations to Dave.
Jazz Times, January 2007 read the full article

Farewell to Ray Barretto, who passed away in 2006

Ray Barretto

His persona was like his playing- passionate articulate and displaying an intelligence that made one proud to be in his presence...
Bobby Sanabria, Jazz Times, jnauary 2007 read the full article

Bob Belden and Animation - Live at Merkin Hall - December 9, 2006

Bob Belden

The band's interpretationof Bitches' Brew, a daring project in and of itself, was a great success because of , rather than despite, the liberties taken. Once again Miles Davis' music has been reinvented and made relevant anew, and there could be no better person for the task than Bob Belden.

Dimitry Ekshtut, Jazz Improv, January 2007 read the full article

Second Grammy nomination for Diego Urcola and For CAM

Diego Urcola

A the MIDEM this year CAM is promoting a raft of new releases after having been nominated twice for Grammy awards..
Midem News, January 2007 read the full article

Four Sunnyside Albums selected in the Jazztimes "TOP 50"

Sunnyside Records

Dave Holland , Chris Potter and Bob Belden all made the 50 list, while Charles Mingus ranks third in the reedition category .

, JazzTimes - January 2007
read the full article

Enrico Pieranunzi, one of the best jazz pianists you have never heard.

Enrico Pieranunzi

Italy boasts arguably the strongest jaz scene outside the United States, yet most American Jazz Fans would be challenged to name three Italian musicians..

Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes - January 2007

Gunther Schuller Leads the Mingus Orchestra at Merkin Concert Hall

Mingus Big Band-Orchestra-Dynasty

The most provocative of the compositions was a piece composed by Mingus when he was 17 but not recorded until 1960. It's an accomplished chamber work, episodic and austere.

Nate Chinen, the New York Times, December 2006
read the full article

Gunther Schuller conducts the MINGUS ORCHESTRA

Mingus Big Band-Orchestra-Dynasty

With his legendary tumult of appetites and energies, the bassist and composer Charles Mingus created a music that was indivisible from his own outsize presence. For this and other reasons, he’s not the most promising subject for a repertory band. But in New York City, at least, Mingus lives: there are no fewer than three legacy bands under the guidance of the bassist’s widow, Sue Mingus. Each is represented on “I Am Three,” a rousing album issued last year on Sue Mingus Music/Sunnyside, and they all take turns holding down a Tuesday night engagement at the Iridium Jazz Club. And on Thursday at Merkin Hall, the upstart of the bunch — the Mingus Orchestra, a 10-piece chamber ensemble complete with French horn and bassoon — will come under the figurative baton of Gunther Schuller, above, who conducted his first Mingus composition nearly half a century ago. Mr. Schuller, who turned 81 this week, has presided over several historic interpretations of Mingus’s music, including “Epitaph,” an evening-length work assembled after the bassist’s death. The Merkin program will include a slice of that posthumous opus, as well as a late-career piece with an ingeniously self-referential title, “Taurus in the Arena of Life.” Rounding out the concert will be “Half-Mast Inhibition,” a miniature epic that Mingus composed as a teenager but did not record in a studio until 1960, with Mr. Schuller as the conductor. As a whole, the evening should present an intriguing argument about Mingus the composer, through the prism of the Third Stream jazz-classical hybrid that Mr. Schuller has promulgated over the years. And judging by a performance of “Half-Mast Inhibition” at Joe’s Pub last year, all parties involved will strive to imbue the music with the urgency and humanity of its creator. (Thursday at 8 p.m., Merkin Concert Hall, 129 West 67th Street, Manhattan, 212-501-3330,; $35 in advance, $40 on Thursday.)

NATE CHINEN, New York Times, November 2006

Join in the celebration of Sunnyside's 25th anniversary !

Sunnyside Records

November 2006 and April 2007 will mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of Sunnyside and the recording of its first album respectivley.
Kaufman Center's Merkin Hall will celebrate the event with a serie of 5 concerts by Sunnyside artists in New York from November 30th 2006 to May 2007
Please Join Us

, - October 2006
read the full article

Thu. 11.30.06 at 8 pm - Gunther Schuller conducts the Mingus Orchestra
Sat. 12.09.06 at 8 pm - Bob Belden animates: Miles Davis's Bitches Brew
Mon. 12.11.06 at 8 pm - Steve Nelson in Duets: Mulgrew Miller / Dave Holland
Thu. 02.15.07 at 8 pm - Guillermo Klein
Mon. 05.07.07 at 8 pm - Ron Carter Nonet / Aaron Goldberg Trio
, - October 2006
read the full article

Harold Danko, Eastman Professor of Jazz Piano Selected for Bridging Fellows Program

Harold Danko

Harold Danko, Professor of Jazz Piano and Chair of the Department of Jazz Studies and Contemporary Media at the Eastman School- of Music of the University of-Rochester, has been selected by University of Rochester Provost Charles Phelps to take part in the Bridging Fellows program, a unique opportunity for scholars to step away from their area of expertise and try new academic ventures.
“I have often called myself a linguistics buff,” says Danko. “I’m fascinated with the rhythms and cadence of conversational speech, and the sounds made by the human speaking voice, without regard to any specific language.” So when he met Professor Joyce McDonough, chair of the University’s
Department of Linguistics and an avid jazz fan, Danko proposed to study the expressive function of rhythm in language and music at the University’s own Department of Linguistics.
This program will enable MeDonough and Danko, together with students in Phonetics and Phonology classes, to examine elements ofjazz improvisation on their way to increased understanding of how rhythms, intonation, and inflections work in both conversational and jazz improvisation. Danko will spend part time during the fall and spring semesters on this project, capping it off with a performance work in the spring of 2007 created with students of linguistics and jazz.
read the full article

Steve Bernstein selected as DownBeat ' Rising Star Arranger of the Year

Steven Bernstein

Steven Bernstein hears almost infinite musical possibilities for his nine-piece Millennial Territory Orchestra (MTO)...
Jason Douglas, DownBeat-2006 read the full article

Bernstein Deals Four Aces

Steven Bernstein

In the music world, there is no waiting for the season to conclude, as evidenced by upstate New York- based trumpeter/arranger Steve Bernstein who is taking free agency to a whole new level with four major recording projects all hitting within a week of each other.
Dan Ouellette, Billboard, July 2006 read the full article

The Best of Amadou & Mariam: a medecine to fire up a true blue Rock'n Roll Fan

Amadou & Mariam

With a multicultural cast of killing musicians of West African, European and Middle Eastern descent, Amadou and Mariam rock out ....
DownBeat-2006 read the full article

It is just one excellent, original way.

Guillermo Klein

Guillermo Klein's Los Guachos, 11 musicians, are making unnameable
music at the Village Vanguard this week, rich and sticky in rhythm and
harmony. It doesn't have much to do with current trends in the rest of
jazz, but only jazz musicians could be making it. It is not the only way or
the true way; it is just one excellent, original way.
Ben Ratliff, The New York TimesJune 2006
read the full article

The New York Time article on Guillermo Klein who debuts at the Village Vanguard on June 13

Guillermo Klein

WHEN Guillermo Klein brings his band to the Village Vanguard for a week of shows starting June 13, it will be the return of a beloved musician who never got the chance to use the momentum he was building on New York's jazz scene in the late 1990's. Instead he slipped away to Argentina and then to Spain. In New York we usually don't draw the short straw like this. We have heard dispatches from Mr. Klein — three fascinating records — but have had to live with the fact that his evolution was taking place somewhere else.

Ben Ratliff, The New York Times-0606 read the full article

Kirk Lightsey brings back the Heydays of Bradley's and its ever swinging crowd to New York's Jazz Standard

Kirk Lightsey

If you miss the kind of powerfully physical jazz that takes you off your feet and off your kilter, you are in luck. Kirk Lightsey, supreme pianist and sincere entertainer is at the Jazz Standard, bringing back the joy and warmth of all nighters at Bradley's when the cats would keep showing up and you never wanted the evening to end. Kirk , please come home for good ! Pictures of the Bradley's Crew

Ray Barretto dies shortly after being honored as NEA Jazz Master

Ray Barretto

Barretto was considered the most widely recorded conguero in jazz history. He was also cited as the first U.S.-bom conguero who integrated the hand drum into jazz..."Obviously, he was Latino, but he was a huge jazz buff and one of the most knowledgable musicians.
John Murph, Downbeat-0506 read the full article

Digital sales boost indie jazz labels

Sunnyside Records

A perpetual sales underachiever, jazz in 2004 and 2005 garnered a minuscule 2.8 percent of total U.S. album units sales. Faced with such prospects, the major labels have downsized or eliminated their instrumental jazz rosters, sometimes seeking greener sales pastures with jazz vocalists and crossover artists.

But independent labels continue to check the erosion and blaze ahead as torchbearers. Jazz indies can tolerate lower sales thresholds than the majors, allow more time for artist development and offer their signees greater autonomy and freedom to create.

What's more, jazz indies and their artists -- from new acts to major-label refugees -- are benefiting from the Internet, which facilitates targeted marketing, offers new promotional tools and provides an outlet for slow-selling titles that might not have a home at traditional retail.

Holland's Overtime wins the 2006 Grammy award

Dave Holland

GRAMMY Award Winner - 2006- Jazz Large Ensemble Dave Holland's Overtime won the 2006 Grammy Award in the category Best large jazz ensemble. Congratulations to Dave

Listen to Julia Sarr and Patrice Larose on BBC's PRI global hits

Julia Sarr

Sunnyside Records to Release Julia Sarr & Patrice Larose’s Set Luna on January 31st

Julia Sarr

An unexpected encounter of African and Flamenco sensibilities, Julia Sarr & Patrice Larose’s debut album, Set Luna, will be released on January 31st in the US. The duo has already created a significant impression in Europe with the French paper of record, Le Monde, calling Sarr “…a perfect singer with exemplary timbre and presence.”

Sarr and Larose’s concert debut in the US in October of 2005 was no less impressive as the duo stunned a packed house at Carnegie Hall during their performance entitled “Youssou N’dour Presents the Fresh Face of African Music.” Of the album, the program notes read”… Set Luna contains equal parts duende, that ineffable spirit at the heart of flamenco, and a distinct Dakar-rooted sound with an extremely promising future.”

The duo will be launching the album with an East Coast tour starting at end of January. If you are in the area, please come to see what promises to be one of the great musical discoveries of 2006.

Tour Schedule:

1.23.06, Monday. New York, NY.
Makor 9 PM
1.26.06, Thursday. Philadelphia, PA. World Café Live. 8 PM
2.06.06, Monday. Washington, DC. Maison de la France. 8 PM
2.07.06, Tuesday. New York, NY. Joe’s Pub. 7:30 PM

Chris Potter at the Regatta Bar in Boston playing "Underground"

Chris Potter

Potter has also been stepping out more and more as a leader in his own right, and now, following the release of what might be his most fully realized CD yet, Underground (Sunnyside/Universal), he comes to the Regattabar (March 3-4) with the band from that album: guitarist Wayne Krantz, drummer Nate Smith, and a keyboardist who’s become an in-demand Fender Rhodes specialist, Craig Taborn.

What now ? is on Amazon's top 10 best albums

Kenny Wheeler

Una Nave on the 2005 New York Times "Ten Best Albums"

Guillermo Klein

7. GUILLERMO KLEIN: "UNA NAVE" (SUNNYSIDE) An Argentine now living in Barcelona, Mr. Klein is a large-ensemble jazz composer with strong, highly appealing notions about rhythm and instrumentation, none easily come by. Whether he appears to be drawing from boleros, baroque music, ragas or Wayne Shorter, he's risking a bit, and going after the transcendental moment.
Ben Ratclif

Sunnyside and CAMJazz get 4 GRAMMY Jazz nominations: Luciana Souza, Mingus Big Band, Dave Holland and Kenny Wheeler

Sunnyside Records

Sunnyside's artists garnered four Grammy nominations this year , after having been nominated twice in each of the last three years.
Luciana Souza's Duos II is her third album in the last 4 years to receive such honor . Dave Holland's - already a Grammy award winner , Overtime and Mingus Big Band's I am Three are both nominated in the large jazz ensemble category.

Sunnyside on Rhapsody's Best Jazz Releases of 2005

Sunnyside Records

Dave Holland Big Band – Overtime, Luciana Souza – Duos II, , Kenny Barron – The Perfect Set and CAMJazz releases : Enrico Rava – la dolce vita and Kenny Wheeler – What Now.

Barron Steals the show at San Sebastian

Kenny Barron

Kenny Barron was the star at the 40th anniversary of the Jazzaldia Donosria-San Sebastian Festival, July 22-27.
The honoree of the Premio award in 2000, Barron has performed at the San Sebastian Jazz Festival five times, developing an audience that was eager to hear him perform. "People here consider Kenny an icon," said Miguel Martin, the festival's director, ''Some even consider him a bigger name than Keith Jarrett."
John Murph, Downbeat, August 2005

The late Steve Lacy is inducted in Downbeat Hall of Fame

Steve Lacy

In the introduction to the feature "Relentless Intensity;' writer Bill Shoemaker deems Lacy a "future Hall of Famer." Well, this prediction proved correct, as the Critics have made the late soprano saxophonist and composer the newest inductee into the DownBeat Hall of Fame,

Lacy's voice was heard often in the pages of DownBeat- Whether he was making bold predictions on future directions of the music, describing his fascinating projects, laying forth broad challenges to himself and other artists, or making succinct observations of the musical world he inhabited, Lacy's words proved to be almost as interesting as his music. So, to pay homage to Lacy, who died of cancer June 4, 2004, at the age of 69, we culled our archives and found some of the wisdom he imparted through the years.
DownBeat- August 2005
read the full article

Toto Bona Lokua on NPR

Lokua Kanza

The album Toto Bona Lokua released on Sunnyside(July 19th) was featured on NPR's Morning Edition recently. The album features the artists Gerald Toto, Richard Bona, and Sunnyside artist, Lokua Kanza. Listen to the NPR piece, hosted by Elizabeth Blair.

In addition, Kanza's Toyebi Te, which was iTunes Discovery Download earlier this year, was also released by Sunnyside Records and is available in our online store.

Free TotoBonaLokua Download on

Lokua Kanza

For those of you who have yet to pick up the album TotoBonaLokua, a free download
of neo-soul influenced "Help Me" is available in their store!

Free Luciana Souza Download Available on

Luciana Souza

For those fans who have yet to pick up a copy of Luciana Souza’s latest album, Duos II, you can download the album track, “Muita Bobeira” on’s download page for free.

Luciana Souza Wins Female Vocalist of the Year at 9th Annual Jazz Journalist Awards

Luciana Souza

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 - Sunnyside artist Luciana Souza was named Female Vocalist of the Year by the Jazz Journalist Association at their annual awards show. The other nominees were Dianne Reeves, Cassandra Wilson, and Dee Dee Bridgewater.

Luciana’s new album, “Duos II,” a follow up to her Grammy-nominated “Brazilian Duos,” was released on May 24 of this year.

Dave Holland Wins Musician of the Year and Acoustic Bassist of the Year at 9th Annual Jazz Journalist Awards

Dave Holland

Dave Holland was named Musician of the Year, and Acoustic Bassist of the Year, at an awards ceremony held at B.B King’s in New York City by the Jazz Journalist Association. The other Musician of the Year nominees were Branford Marsalis, Dave Douglas and Joe Lovano. The Acoustic Bassist of the Year nominees were Charlie Haden, Christian McBride, William Parker

On February 22nd of this year, Dave Holland released a new big band album entitled “Overtime” on his new imprint, Dare2. Sunnyside is proud to distribute Dave Holland and Dare2 in the U.S.

Jerry Gonzalez y Los Piratas del Flamenco Wins Latin Jazz Album of the Year at 9th Annual Jazz Journalist Awards

Jerry Gonzalez

“Jerry Gonzalez y Los Piratas del Flamenco” was named Latin Jazz Album of the Year by the Jazz Journalist Association at their annual awards show. The other nominees were Charlie Haden’s “Land of the Sun,” Gonzalo Rubalcaba’s “Paseo” and Omar Sosa’s “Mulatos.”

Roswell Rudd Wins Trombonist of the Year at 9th Annual Jazz Journalist Awards

Roswell Rudd

Sunnyside artist Roswell Rudd was named Trombonist of the Year by the Jazz Journalist Association at their annual awards show held at B.B King’s in New York City. The other nominees included Robin Eubanks, Wycliffe Gordon, Steve Turre, and Bob Brookmeyer. The Jazz Journalist Association is an organization of over 480 members that span the globe. The awards honor the year’s standout achievements by musicians, writers and professionals in the jazz community.

Roswell’s most recent album, MALIcool, featuring Toumani Diabate, is available in the Sunnyside online store. His new album, scheduled for a mid-October release, finds the trombonist exploring the folk music of Mongolia, with his new group the Pentatonics.

NY Times Reviews "Una Nave" in May 9th Edition

Guillermo Klein

Below is Ben Ratiff's May 9th review of Guillermo Klein's album, "Una Nave." The album is available for purchase on May 10th. You can purchase the CD or download in our online store.

Ben Ratliff

"The composer, pianist and bandleader Guillermo Klein lived in New York from 1993 to 2000 before moving to Argentina, where he's from, and Barcelona, where he currently lives. But he was a source of inspiration, and he is still talked about. His jazz, if you want to call it that, is built from the ground up, starting with ideas about instrumentation, then rhythm, then harmony, then gesture. In one of his large ensemble sets, there could be brass choirs, Cuban rhythm, fugue-like passages, talking, whistling, mechanical repetitions over a groove, and bits of aerated rock.

Many of the better young jazz improvisers in New York gravitated toward him, but then he was gone. Some of his recent work has just trickled out in the past month: on a live album, "Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos Live in Barcelona" from Fresh Sound, and also on "Una Nave," recorded for Sunnyside in 2002 in Buenos Aires, with Argentine musicians.

Perhaps because he undercuts his own keyboard playing, often restricting himself to chorded vamps, Mr. Klein functions as a true composer, rather than a stirrer of the pot within certain fixed jazz idioms. (Sometimes he can remind you of Hermeto Pascoal and Milton Nascimento, other examples of uncontainable thinkers.)

The voice is part of his concept, and though he has no jazz-singing voice - it's more like a whispered growl - he uses it on several tracks here, including the beautiful "Nave," which often breaks up its lyric into a single word per measure; "Piernas," an aching, slow-moving song with brilliant harmony; and "Luci," a short and deceptively simple voice-and-piano piece. Elsewhere, "Venga" is all-out, static-harmony ensemble playing that keeps slamming down in the tonic chord. "Luminarias" and "Niza" are based on tango and milonga forms, and "La Ultima" uses the band's two trumpeters, Juan Cruz de Urquiza and Richard Nant, to trade off tiny melody shards over varying meters. It's an excellent record, and not like much else out there."

Luciana Souza's "Duos II" To Be Released on May 24th

Luciana Souza

"Ms. Souza doesn't mess around: over the last five years her albums have shown her to be an impressive singer of jazz and Brazilian music..."

-The New York Times

Sunnyside Records is pleased to announce the May 24th release of Duos II from singer and composer Luciana Souza. Duos II continues Luciana’s exploration of the Brazilian songbook that began on Brazilian Duos, the Grammy-nominated 2002 release which appeared on numerous Top Ten critics' list for that year. Guitarists Romero Lubambo and Marco Pereira rejoin Luciana for a deeper exploration of the guitar and voice interplay in great Brazilian music. The additions of Swami Jr.'s seven-string and Guilherme Monteiro's electric guitar introduce their own unique influences to this carefully chosen collection of songs by Paulinho da Viola, Chico Buarque, Nelson Cavaquinho, Ivan Lins, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Hermeto Pascoal, Caetano Veloso, and even a never-recorded composition written by Luciana's own songwriting parents, the poet Tereza Souza and singer-composer-guitarist Walter Santos.

In the years, between Brazilian Duos and Duos II, Luciana's recordings North & South (Grammy-nominated) and Neruda brought her new critical acclaim and recognition as a composer and arranger, with Neruda being chosen by the Wall Street Journal and NPR’s All Things Considered as one of 2004’s best albums. She has received superlative reviews for her vocal performances in the contemporary classical works of Oswaldo Golijov, La Pasion Segun San Marcos and Oceana as well as for El Amor Brujo by Manuel de Falla.

The release of Duos II kicks off a full summer schedule of club dates and festivals for Luciana. She will debut the new album material at a week-long engagement at New York's Jazz Standard beginning on May 31. The singer will also take part in a Jobim tribute to be held at the Hollywood Bowl on August 17. A new partnership with Universal Jazz France will introduce Luciana's recordings to the international community and presages more concert appearances around the world.

NPR Piece On "The Peace Between Our Companies"

Happy Apple

The new album “The Peace Between Our Companies” from Midwestern jazz marauders, Happy Apple, was featured on the April 23rd edition of NPR’s All Things Considered. This trio was also featured in a recent concert celebrating the music of Ornette Coleman at the re-opening of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Here is a link to the NPR piece:

Both Happy Apple releases on Sunnyside are available in our online store.

Kenny Barron Inducted Into American Jazz Hall of Fame

Kenny Barron

Arguably the preeminent jazz pianist living today, 9 time Grammy nominee, Kenny Barron was inducted into the American Jazz Hall of Fame on April 13th. Everyone at Sunnyside Records would like to our congratulations to this true legend!

2004's "Images," 2003's "Canta Brazil" and 2002's "Live at Bradley's" are all available on Sunnyside Records in the US and in our online store.

We are currently preparing a second volume of live material for a fall release. Check back with us later for more details!

Dave Holland's Overtime on NPR Weekend Edition Sunday

Dave Holland

Dave Holland’s new album “Overtime” was featured on the April 24th edition of NPR's Weekend-Edition Sunday. The discussion ranged from the challenges of keeping a large ensemble together to Dave’s plans for the future of Dare2. Here is a link to the piece on Dave:

Dave’s new record is available in Sunnyside’s online store

Dave Holland Nominated For 5 Jazz Journalist Awards

Dave Holland

Sunnyside Records would like to congratulate Dave Holland on being nominated for 5 Jazz Journalist Awards. Dave is up for the award for Musician of the Year, Composer of the Year, Arranger of the Year, Acoustic Bassist of the Year, and his big band has also been nominated for Large Ensemble of the Year. Quite a list!

In addition, four of his band members have also been nominated in their respective categories as well - Steve Nelson (Vibraphonist of the Year), Chris Potter (Tenor Saxophonist of the Year), Gary Smulyan (Baritone Saxophone Player of the Year), and Robin Eubanks (Trombonist of the Year).

Sunnyside released Dave Holland's new big band album, Overtime, on his new imprint Dare2 on February 22nd.

Sunnyside also released Chris Potter's most recent album, "Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard" and Steve Nelson's "Full Nelson" and 2004's "Fuller Nelson."

More information on the Jazz Journalist Awards nominees can be found at

Guillermo Klein "Una Nave" To Be Released on May 10th

Guillermo Klein

On May 10th, Sunnyside Records will release Una Nave, the new album the brilliant and enigmatic Guillermo Klein. Best known for his work with his large ensemble, Los Guachos, Guillermo returned to Argentina,the country of his birth to record this latest offering.

If you have never heard his music before or even if you have, we STONGLY encourage you listen to sound clips in our store. Trust us on this one. Words fail to describe his music.

Carolyn Leonhart's "New 8th Day" Available Now

Carolyn Leonhart

It seems like yesterday that Carolyn Leonhart released STEAL THE MOON – but its amazing how fast 5 years can pass by. What has this vocal phenom been up to? Two world tours with Steely Dan, including featured performances on their most recent albums, TWO AGAINST NATURE and EVERYTHING MUST GO, and fronting the popular Swiss pop group, Lyn Leon. Truly one of the most gifted vocalists of her generation, this long-awaited new release will serve to remind the jazz world how great Carolyn really is.

Listen to New 8th Day in the Sunnyside store!

An eMail That Would Make Anyone's Day

Joe Gilman

When Joe Gilman's album, Time Again: Brubeck Revisted Vol.2 was released in February, he got an email from Dave Brubeck himself and it was, shall we say, rather complementary. Read below. After you finish reading, check out Joe's splendid version of "The Duke" in the Sunnyside store.

"Dear Joe,
I have just listened to Volume 2 and find it as great as volume 1. When I got to the last track, "The Duke", I think that's one of the greatest things I've ever heard. Russell Gloyd and I were discussing it today and saying that the original title of The Duke was Duke Ellington meets Darius Milhaud, and now, to make it even more fascinating we have to include and Erik Satie and Arnold Schoenberg (bass line)."Take Five" also is beyond the beyond. I could not be more elated than I am right now. So, thanks again for another great CD. My compliments to Joe and Justin, too." -DAVE

Happy Apple To Appear at "Festival Dancing in Your Head"

Happy Apple

On April 22nd, Happy Apple will pay tribute to Ornette Coleman at the three-day “The Festival Dancing in Your Head” in Minneapolis, MN. The festival will also include a performance of The Bad Apple – a one-time only collaboration between Happy Apple and close friends The Bad Plus. And yes, Mr. Coleman will also be present. For more information please visit the Walker Art Center at

Sound Showing for Sound Dances

Diego Urcola

We are pleased to announce that Sunnyside/Urko recording artist Diego Urcola has been nominated for a 2004 Grammy award in the Latin Jazz Category for his recording “Soundances.” This comes after Urcola’s nomination for the 2004 Latin Grammy in the same category. Congratulations to Diego!

Check out sound clips from “Soundances” in the Sunnyside store.

Wave Your Pirate Flag High

Jerry Gonzalez

The 2004 Sunnyside release “Jerry Gonzalez y Los Piratas del Flamenco” continues to rack up award nominations a year after its release. The album, whose concept found its origins in the popular film by Francisco Trueba, “Calle 54,” garnered a nomination for the 2004 Latin Grammys, and a nomination in the Latin Jazz category at the 2004 Grammy Awards. Now the prestigious Jazz Journalist Association has nominated the record for best Latin Jazz album as well.

The album is a stunning fusion of jazz and flamenco music, the vision of charismatic trumpeter Jerry Gonzalez.

Check out “Jerry Gonzalez y Los Piratas del Flamenco” in the Sunnyside store.

Sunnyside to Distribute Dave Holland's Dare2 Records

Dave Holland

Sunnyside Records is pleased to announce a partnership with bassist Dave Holland to release his future recordings in the United States, under his new label imprint, Dare2 Productions. Universal Music Jazz France will distribute these recordings outside of the United States.

This partnership marks a new chapter in Holland’s recording career and serves as both an honor and a challenge to Sunnyside Records, an independent jazz record label that, during the past twenty years, has released albums by Fred Hersch, Jerry Gonzalez, Luciana Souza, Kirk Lightsey, Steve Nelson, Kenny Barron, and Chris Potter among others.

There are few jazz artists that are as beloved by critics and fans alike as Dave Holland. In the 2004 DownBeat Magazine Readers Poll issue Mr. Holland won 5 awards: Best Jazz Artist, Best Jazz Album (Extended Play), Best Acoustic Group (Dave Holland Quintet), Best Big Band (Dave Holland Big Band), and the award for Best Acoustic Bass Player. He also won several awards in this year’s DownBeat Critics Poll, including Artist of Year for the second time.

In 2004, Sunnyside Records released albums by two close Holland associates - Chris Potter (Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard) and Steve Nelson (Fuller Nelson), respectively the saxophonist and vibraphonist in both Holland’s quintet and big band.

The first album that will be released by Sunnyside/Dare2 is a new big band recording available in early 2005, the follow-up to the Grammy award winning big band release, What Goes Around.

Clayton's "Circle Dancing" Named Top All-Time Vocal Record

Jay Clayton

In the June 2004 issue of Downbeat Magazine, Jay Clayton’s album “Circle Dancing” was named one of the 30 all-time best vocal jazz recordings. “Circle Dancing,” released in 1997, features her Seattle-based quintet featuring Briggan Krauss (alto sax), Jim Knapp (trumpet), Randy Halbertsadt (piano), Phil Sparks (bass) and Aaron Alexander (drums). Clayton has two other albums on Sunnyside, Brooklyn 2000 and “Beautiful Love” with Fred Hersch.

All of Jay’s CDs on Sunnyside are available in our online store.

Best Weekly Jazz Gig in New York city

The Choro Ensemble

In 2003, the group was voted as one of the best Weekly Jazz Gig in New York City by K. Leander Williams, TONY, Time Out Magazine.

Choro Ensemble plays with Winton Marsalis and the Lincoln center jazz orchestra

The Choro Ensemble

"In May 2002, Choro Ensemble had the honor to play with Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra as part of the project to reconnect Brazilian Music and Jazz.

NY Times engrossed by Tepfer

Dan Tepfer

"This is no stunt, but a fresh musical exploration. Mr. Tepfer invites you to hear this masterpiece through his ears. I bet Bach would recognize a kindred spirit in Mr. Tepfer."