Special Encounter

CAM5006 2005-04-26

Track List

My Old Flame - 5:17
You've Changed - 4:25
Earlier Sea - 4:10
Nightfall - 6:28
Secret Nights - 4:22
Loveward - 6:58
Waltz For Ruth - 4:05
Miradas - 4:33
Hello My Lovely - 6:23
Why Did I Choose You? - 7:19
Mo-Ti - 2:54


Enrico Pieranunzi - piano
Charlie Haden - bass
Paul Motian - drums

Recorded in Rome over the course of three days in March 2003, Pieranunzi’s new CD, Special Encounter, features five new compositions from him: “Secret Nights;” “Earlier Sea;” “Loveward;” “Miradas;” and “Mo-ti.” the last three written especially for this session. Pieranunzi comments that he composed “Loveward” and “Miradas” by “having in mind the special and very inspiring musical world of Charlie and Paul, their skill in saying so much using very few sounds.”


Here, Enrico Pieranunzi, a vivid and precise player with bop accents, assembles a program including themes from ..”La Dolce Vita”; the band includes Kenny Wheeler, Chris Potter, Charlie Haden and Paul Motian...as good as it gets...it’s an elegant record... NEW YORK TIMES

"Originally conceived as a ballad album, it certainly contains ballads but the other pieces bring different elements into play that dovetail beautifully with the slower ballads to create a coherent whole. Special Encounter lives up to its title, one that could be applied to any situation when these three highly-attuned musicians convene. Special Indeed!"
Ira Gitler