Wishing On The Moon

SSC1159 2006-10-10

Track List

Have You Noticed? - 4:51
I'd Do It All Again - 5:39
Don't Follow Me - 4:55
In The Glow Of The Moon - 5:39
Melodious Funk - 5:18
Melodious Funk - 6:07
Stay With Me - 4:39
Wishing On The Moon - 5:12
Try As I May - 4:26
Wishing On The Moon - 5:13


Meredith d'Ambrosio - vocals
Don Sickler - trumpet & flugelhorn
Cecilia Coleman - piano
Tim Givens - bass
Vince Cherico - drums

Through her series of Sunnyside albums beginning in 1978, Meredith d'Ambrosio
has been tending toward Wishing On The Moon, which is a short step and a huge accomplishment.
A collection songs of which she is the sole creator except for one piece of music by Dena DeRose and collaboration with Bradford Langer on one set of lyrics. The songs are short stories as much in the art song tradition of Franz Schubert and Hugo Wolff as in that of the great American songwriters. They have narrative flow, the magnetism of lyric poetry and in a couple of cases the pithiness, although not the form, of haiku. Melodies, harmonies and lyrics are exquisitely of a piece.
Meredith's support at the piano comes from Cecilia Coleman, who moved from Los Angeles to New York in 1998 and has become as integral to the jazz scene there as she was to the west coast's. Bassist Tim Givens is another Californian active in New York. He has worked with Coleman, Lou Donaldson, Curtis Fuller and Ray Bryant. jazz. The multi-dimensional Don Sickler not only plays trumpet and flugelhorn,he also produced the album.