Out of Nowhere

SSC1085 1999-01-01

Track List

Out Of Nowhere - 5:43
All This And Heaven Too - 4:57
On The Bumpy Road To Love - 3:09
My Foolish Heart - 6:22
The Song Is Ended - 5:11
Easy Come Easy Go - 5:53
What'S Your Story, Morning Glory - 4:23
Isn'T That The Ding Do - 4:42
Dance Only With Me - 4:27
Stoppin The Clock - 4:44
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - 5:39
All In Fun - 5:11
I Will Follow Spring - 4:49


Meredith d'Ambrosio - vocals
Lee Musiker - piano
Jay Leonhart - bass
Terry Clarke - drums
Michael Leonhart - trumpet

"Passive listening won't get you far here. Meredith d'Ambrosio doesn't exactly take songs and throw them in your lap. She wafts them at you on soft breezes, lyrics and melody transformed into diaphanous ribbons of silk. Hers is a profound aesthetic of reticence, challenging you to listen with the concentration and attention you must lavish on following the flight of an eagle at twilight along chiaroscuro deepened canyon walls." - George Kanzler