Silent Passion

SSC1075 1997-01-01

Track List

Long Ago (And Far Away) - 4:34
Silent Passion - 4:35
I Got Lost In His Arms - 4:46
Knight In Shinning Karma - 2:00
All Through The Day - 5:52
Spring Isn'T Everything - 3:19
A Skyful Of Teardrops - 5:19
No Solution - 3:35
The Thrill Is Gone - 5:29
Where Are You - 3:15
The Shinning Sea - 3:47
Motherland - 3:58


Meredith d'Ambrosio - vocals, piano
Gene Bertoncini - guitar

An album by a vocal actress as intimate as this one is a theater of the mind. She establishes the mood; the listener designs the sets and imagines the action.With exquisite attention to themes, tempos, rhythms and keys, she coalesces her own songs and eight by some of the finest American writers, from Jerome Kern to Johnny Mandel. (Doug Ramsey/Jazz Times)