Love Is For The Birds

SSC1101 2002-06-04

Track List

Cup Of Life (Cup Bearers) - 4:17
Steppenwolf - 7:13
Rhyme Of Spring (Poetic Spring) - 5:02
Valentine - 5:42
The Magic Rapture (Rapture) - 6:18
I May Be The One - 5:22
Don'T Go (Josephine) - 5:42
Tell This Poor Fool - 4:07
Just A Dream (Falando De Orlando) - 5:39
Love Is For The Birds - 4:34
Beloved (Daahoud) - 3:53
Blame It All On Spring - 6:24
Frishberg And Dourough - 4:58


Meredth d'Ambrosio - vocals
Lee Musiker - piano
Jay Leonhart - bass
Joe Ascione - drums
Don Sickler - trumpet & flügelhorn
John Allred - trumbone
Bob Kindred - tenor sax & flute


If you listen your way through Meredith d'Ambrosio's fourteen Sunnyside CDs, you will discover a woman in love with love in all of its guises, enchantments and bedevilments. This collection continues her love story and marks a milestone in her song writing. D'Ambrosio wrote all of the love stories here, and the music for more than half of them. The music for the others comes from instrumental compositions by musicians whose work she admires. Among her recent projects, in addition to concerts, recordings, a screenplay and-always-her painting, is the creation of lyrics to pieces by Kenny Dorham, Harold Land, Clifford Brown, Tom McIntosh, Eddie Higgins and Ralph Moore. Don Sickler arranged the sextet numbers and plays trumpet and fl�gelhorn. Lee Musiker collaborated with d'Ambrosio on the trio pieces and plays piano throughout.

This is the first Meredith d'Ambrosio CD made up of only her own material, albeit in collaboration with jazz instrumentalist-composers. Even "Beloved (Daahoud)", the best known melody here, is hardly a popular standard. Yet, d'Ambrosio's musicianship, intelligence and warmth make the album seem as comfortable and familiar as a collection of songs by the Gershwins, Porter, Arlen and Kern. -Doug Ramsey / Jazz Times