Echo Of A Kiss

SSC1078 1998-01-01

Track List

When Lights Are Low - 5:42
Without Reason, Without Rhyme - 3:40
Georges Creature - 3:11
My Romance - 5:15
Blue In Green - 5:39
Once Upon A Full Moon Night - 2:54
Chance With A Ghost - 6:00
April Fooled Me - 5:31
Time Remembered - 5:12
Black Butterfly - 3:09
Why Do I Still Dream Of You? - 2:58
Echo Of A Kiss - 4:40
Snowfall - 4:00
Where Were You At Christmas - 5:37


Meredith d'Ambrosio - vocal, piano
Jay Leonhart - bass
Mike Renzi - piano
Terry Clarke - drums

singer/composer/lyricist Meredith d'Ambrosio's 12th CD for Sunnyside, is an album devoted to songs of lost love and autumnal remembrance. Memories haunt the persona of the singer, giving her both pleasure and pain, and perhaps giving instruction to her listeners, if only by example. The singer has chosen to dive in and experience life and love, whatever the outcome may be. Meredith has programmed the music in such a way that the cd begins with songs of youthful innocence and experience, then moves toward recollection and reflection. Just as the timbre of d'Ambrosio's voice (and the way she produces it) always has some brightness in it (there's some "high" color even on very low notes), her songs are sustained by hope, humor, and a romantic belief in the supreme importance of continually engaging in love when it appears. When you make art out of experience you have something beautiful to remember it by echo of a kiss.