Sometime Ago

SSC1581 2021-05-14

Track List

When Springtime Turns To Fall - 6:30
Feast Your Eyes - 5:45
Moonlight - 6:16
Sometime Ago - 4:58
May I Come In - 5:16
I Wished On The Moon - 4:27
My Open Heart - 4:10
I Remember You - 5:12
Oh Well, What The Hell - 5:03
If I Should Lose You - 5:09


Meredith d'Ambrosio - vocals
Randy Halberstadt - piano
Daryl Johns - bass
Steve Johns - drums
Don Sickler - flugelhorn

As quiet as it is kept, vocalist/composer Meredith d’Ambrosio has become one of jazz music’s most highly regarded storytellers and performers. Her artful approach to musical interpretation has been treasured by many and has inspired numerous fruitful collaborations. Her new recording, Some Other Time, finds her working with two masters of song, pianist Randy Halberstadt and trumpeter Don Sickler. // For nearly five decades, d’Ambrosio has been quietly but steadily spinning out new work, sating aficionados and casual listeners alike. Her beautiful voice, piano touch and song craftsmanship have been championed by many. D’Ambrosio’s unique talent can be heard on the seventeen releases recorded over three decades for Sunnyside Records.