Youth Oriented

SSC3006 2003-01-21

Track List

Youth Oriented - 5:45
Green Grass Stains On Wrangler Jeans - 5:12
The Landfall Planetarium - 8:28
Salmon Jump Suite - 3:35
Drama Section - 10:05
The Treetops Of A Bad Neighbourhood -7:56
It Will Be - 5:04
Crème De Menthe Quasar - 13:08
Youth Oriented - 2:24


Erik Fratzke - bass, guitar
Michael Lewis - alto sax, soprano sax,tenor sax, double bass
David King - drums, mellotron, megaphone, waterphone, toy instruments

"This trio from Minneapolis plays jazz as if it doesn’t have any hang-ups about what anybody’s going to call it. Among its quirks are an electric bassist who has not been particularly influenced by Jaco Pastorious, and a general subtext of indie-rock subversion.”
New York Times


The Minneapolis, MN-based trio's fifth outing features more of the musicians' playful, rebellious spirit and enterprising methodologies, as the Youth Oriented motif is depicted in cartoonish fashion within the CD booklet. In addition, the artists' unique sound, consisting of alternative jazz-rock musings, has already spawned a rash of imitators within the modern jazz circuit. Nevertheless, the trio surges onward with more power-packed rock beats and flashy time changes. Notions of a Sonic Youth-type jazz outfit come to mind....

they frequently up the ante, due to their gritty discourses amid elements of soul and chutzpah. Many of these works feature gradually climactic opuses and searing exchanges. Hence, a charismatic lot, with a nouveau approach to jazz music in general as this band traverses the road less traveled. Recommended. ~ Glenn Astarita, All Music Guide