Part Of The Solutionproblem

SSC89388 2003-01-01

Track List

Commercial Ascension - 2:12
Mary's Mixture - 4:01
Waystation 1976 - 9:07
Are We Going Steady? - 9:07
Mom Got A New Davenport - 16:00
The World Begins And Ends In Your Combover - 5:34
Big Lew Leaps In! - 4:34
This Is Your Ghost Train - 6:03
Peach Dobler - 4:08
Mom Got A New Davenport Reprise - 6:52


Erik Fratzke - fender bass
Michael Lewis - tenor, alto & soprano saxophones
David King - walkie talkies, drums & cymbals


With a feel as real as many an old Coltrane record, Minneapolis avant- jazzsters Happy Apple deliver the goods once again with their sophomore release, Part of the Solution Problem. These guys are tearing up the scene here in these Twin Cities. People are goin' crazy talking about what a kick-ass performance they deliver, and sayin' what a bunch of talented guys they are. And y'know, I'd have to concur-- these blokes do put on one hell of a live show; it can be directly attributed to their stunning musicianship.

No, they're not fun to watch because they spit blood, throw their own shit at the audience, or suck big prosthetic cocks-- they don't. Instead, they assault the place with pure tightness. These guys are so tight that-- to paraphrase Ferris Buehler-- you can bring a lump of coal to their show and come out clutching a diamond. It's rare that a band has it as together as Happy Apple do, but then, that's the beauty of practice.

Needless to say, their technical prowess comes off hard on Solution Problem. Drummer Dave King (who can also be located beatin' the skins for fellow Minneapolites, the Love Cars) is one of this city's most acclaimed rhythm- dealers, and he makes it obvious on such self- penned numbers as "Waystation 1976," "Peach Dobler," "This Is Your Ghost Train," and "The World Begins And Ends In Your Combover." Micheal Lewis puts the "sex" in "sexophone" on songs like "Mom Got A New Davenport" and "Big Lew Leaps In." And Fender bassist Erik Fratzke's mama said knock you out on "Commercial Ascension" and "Mary's Mixture."

Every track on Solution Problem is worth a good listen to, if only because-- like membership-- these songs have their privledges. So, if you dig avant jazz types like the Vandermark Five and John Zorn, I think you've got a brand new bag. Otherwise, scoot over and make room for the people that care. Like me.

Ryan Schreiber