SSC1229 2010-02-02

Track List

The Werewolf And The Silver Bullet - 4:11
I See You, You See Me - 3:58
Indelicate - 2:31
The Great Hammer - 1:53
The Black Dial Tone Of Night - 2:39
I Want To Feel Good - 2:58
Homage: Young People - 3:29
Bees - 6:11
The Shell - 1:26
Arts High Boogie - 4:02
Herman Ze German Cassette Redux - 2:01
Highly Varnished Academic Realism - 2:12


Dave King - piano, percussion, drums, electronics

Jack DeJohnette and Joe Chambers are two jazz drum legends who’ve released records that featured their prowess on the drums and piano. Now with the Sunnyside release of Indelicate, the Minneapolis-based drum wizard Dave King, a founding member of the boundary pushing trios, The Bad Plus and Happy Apple, joins that impressive, albeit rarefied company but with his unique brand of one-up-man's-ship. Not happy featuring himself on just drums or piano, King goes for broke and displays his percussive touch on both simultaneously with the help of overdubbing in the recording studio.

With his wide range of styles, experiences and tastes, it’s no wonder that Dave King’s Indelicate compels as it confounds. “For King,” as Megan Wiley writes in the MPLS/St. Paul Magazine, “there’s no bourgeois or high-brow music, no elite school of rock, no exclusive church of jazz. King is about sound and making good music, not about making good jazz, good rock, or good electronica, though he makes all three.”


Nice review in the Dec. 2010 issue of Drummer Magazine.

Brent Keefe, Drummer Magazine - December 2010 read the full article