Happy Apple Back On Top

SSC1172 2007-08-28

Track List

The New Bison - 4:50
Very Small Rock - 5:00
1996 A.D. - 4:35
Rise! Marc Anthony - 7:12
Calgon For Hetfield - 5:26
Lefse Los Cubanos - 5:37
He's OK - 6:19
Brown Lights - 7:11
Hence The Turtleneck - 5:31
Most Popular To Succeed - 9:05
Density In Dan's Fan City - 7:04


Erik Fratzke - acoustic bass
Dave King - drums
Michael Lewis - saxophone, keyboards

“Midwestern smart alecks with a jones for sharp collective interplay and a rockish energy that never lags, the boys in Happy Apple may strike traditional jazz fans as overly pomo. Then again, maybe tradition needs a swift kick in the pants. Drummer Dave King also is one third of the Bad Plus, for whom he has arranged wicked revisions of tunes by Blondie, Nirvana and Aphex Twin—showing off mad skills on the trap set and pleasing crowds....
Happy Apple, founded twelve years ago in the Twin Cities, bustles with the same intent, but the group sounds more naturally organic. Bassist Erik Fratzke plays electric, giving the music the muscle to conquer rock dives, while saxophonist Michael Lewis summons the fiery, playful tone of Ornette Coleman, a congenial influence that supplies a handy jumpingoff point for the outfit's peripatetic flow.” (Time Out - Chicago)
“A punk rock drive adds the edge to this spirited tenor trio’s music. Happy Apple create a hybrid music of real bite and deep appeal that proves much more substantial than might appear to be the case from initial impressions.” (Cadence)


Dave Kings work with Happy Apple presents a fuller picture of his brainy composing skills as well as his drum chops.. there are plenty of moments when he dances around the time.

Mike Shanley, JazzTimes - November 2007
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There is something refreshingly stripped down and stratightforward about this records.

John Corbett, DOWNBEAT - November 2007
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Minneapolis' own garage jazz band returns with this release of idiosyncratic chops- defying instrumental music.

John Ephland, Relix - November 2007
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The result is an album with bipolar tendencies - in a good way.

MPLS.ST.PAUL - September 2007
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The band members seem to have swallowed a very specific New York style: free jazz from the early 1970s, when most of the traditional elements of the music dropped away or went haywire, yet somehow bits of humour and romance crept in....
The tunes are direct and effective; they don't mess around. the band's new record " Happy Apple back on Top" is worth your time.

Nate Chinen, The New York Times - January 2008
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