Surrounded by the Night

SSC1449 2016-05-20

Track List

Delta Kreme - 2:56
Parallel Sister Track - 6:25
You Should Be Watching (Art) Films - 7:19
Blue Candy - 7:20
Glamour Shot - 4:08
That Isn't Even Worth Selling - 3:57
Don't Be Suspect of a Gift - 4:21


Erik Fratzke - electric guitar
Dave King - drums
Chris Morrissey - acoustic bass
Chris Speed - tenor saxophone , clarinet
Brandon Wozniak - tenor saxophone

Prolific drummer/composer Dave King is well known for his propulsive work in a number of different bands. From The Bad Plus to Happy Apple to Halloween, Alaska, each group has its own sound and approach, but all are approached in a steadfast manner. These groups are all serious units of focused players who are completely dialed in, honing a solid band sound and identity. It is King’s attraction to a strong group concept that led to his creation of his Trucking Company band and his increasing focus thereon. On its third recording, Surrounded By The Night, the Trucking Company has solidified its identity with new material and a slightly changed lineup. The addition of the Minneapolis born, Brooklyn based bassist Chris Morrissey strengthens the Minnesota-New York connection that has been part of the identity of the ensemble, featuring the saxophone (and clarinet!) of Brooklynite Chris Speed alongside Minnesotans saxophonist Brandon Wozniak and guitarist Erik Fratzke, since its inception.