One Minute Later

SSC1481 2017-05-19

Track List

Jacaranda - 7:05
Atlas - 6:25
Dilar River - 6:23
Mulhacen - 2:29
Trevenque - 7:11
Big House - 7:29
Veleta's Peak - 6:17
Elvira Maria - 5:01


Diego Barber - guitar
Alejandro Coello - marimba, percussion
Eric Harland - drums
Ben Williams - bass

Barber’s work utilizes his dual affinities for classical music and jazz. Having come from a strict classical guitar background, Barber’s jazz playing has really blossomed since moving to New York. His composing bears witness to passions, as he writes in a classical style with jazz elements, creating a poetic blend of highly composed lyrical pieces that open up for the expressionism of jazz improvisation. For One Minute Later, Barber recruited an incredible rhythm section in bassist Ben Williams and drummer Eric Harland. Both musicians are incredible technicians and fantastic accompanists. Harland has made a name for himself as one of the most exciting and expressive drummers in jazz, while Williams has become a force because of his ultra clean tone and incredible groove.It was Barber’s discovery of wunderkind percussionist Alejandro Coello that drove Barber to make this recording. Barber was introduced to Coello by friend and virtuoso classical guitarist Ricardo Gallén. Barber was astounded by the proficiency of the 25 year old from Salamanca, who had just begun to teach at Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar, Germany (the youngest person to have done so).