SSC1614 2021-02-19

Track List

Drago - 6:08
Leadville - 4:32
Utah - 4:35
Bryce Canyon - 6:15
Zion Park - 6:57
San Francisco - 4:29
Santa Monica - 5:37
Cold Spring - 3:49
Vermont - 5:55


Diego Barber - guitar, electronics, programming
Theo Bleckmann - voice
Craig Taborn - piano
Alejandro Coello - marimba

There is only one way to enhance one’s performance and that is to practice until there is a level of confidence in act, and pride in the outcomes. Guitarist and composer Diego Barber seeks new challenges relentlessly. His pursuit of excellence in all his endeavors has led him to the extreme heights of classical guitar technique, contemporary composition and long-distance running, all of these requiring grueling regimens of focused study. // For his new recording, Drago, Barber departs from his recent focus on blending contemporary classical music and jazz to focus on electronic music, utilizing elements from both the classical and dancefloor models. A two-year long study of Logic music programming has led the fleet fingered string specialist to eschew the guitar for the most part to focus on composing pieces in a new and highly personal way. // The incredible music on Diego Barber’s Drago is a departure from his typical output but it also shows the development of an artist who accepts musical challenges and finds exhilaration in chasing the unknown.