SSC1210 2009-03-24

Track List

190 East - 5:37
Desierto - 8:13
Catalpa - 4:02
Lanzarote - 9:53
Richi - 5:06
Virgianna - 3:25
Air - 20:51


Diego Barber - guitar
Jeff Ballard - drums
Larry Grenadier - acoustic bass
Mark Turner - saxophones

Enthusiasm to explore uncharted terrain is a trait important to young, evolving musicians. Guitarist Diego Barber’s enthusiasm is easily gauged by his commitment to challenge himself.
Upon leaving his home in Spain for NewYork City, Barber quickly made his first recording Calima, a fantastic showcase of his talent as a composer and improviser. Barber is originally from the Canary Islands and has been studying classical guitar from an early age. Upon subsequent schooling, he found himself drawn to jazz music and found a new challenge to tackle. Barber continued his studies throughout Europe before settling in NewYork. Barber has spared no time searching for the right musicians for the project. He chose the formidable progressive jazz trio known as FLY to be his foil. The highly regarded group includes saxophonist Mark Turner, bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Jeff Ballard. These musicians prove to be extremely responsive to Barber’s writing and performing style that can be reflective or dynamic. A balance is present in these performances reminiscent of a talent with much more experience. Calima is a strong statement for a wonderful up and coming artist.


Jeff Tamarkin's review for the August 2009 JazzTimes!

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