SSC1247 2010-05-04

Track List

Bloom - 4:26
Ice Fields - 3:59
Chiggers - 1:46
The Shadow Casts its Object - 6:08
Winter - 4:33
Heliogabalus - 5:41
Food Chain - 6:57
Crocodiles - 9:17
Poppies - 5:53
The Shimmering Now That Breathes You - 5:27


Ben Monder - guitar
Bill McHenry - saxophone

On their stunning duo release Bloom, guitarist Ben Monder and saxophonist Bill McHenry boldly exhibit total simpatico, complete trust in each other, and the ability to thoroughly listen to each other to bring forth a true work of musical art. On ten tracks they take the listener to a spectacular soundworld of textural chords, evocative percussive effects, spontaneously created melodies, and deep musical telepathy. Monder, whom Pat Metheny described as “a very evolved kind of musician,” and The New York Times wrote was “a terror on his instrument,” plays with an ethereal sound that recalls the best of Jim Hall and John Abercrombie, and has put his sonic stamp on the New York scene for the past fifteen years, with a plethora of stars including Guillermo Klein and Maria Schneider.
McHenry’s comprehensive and colossal saxophone sound – a mainstay with a variety of artists from Paul Motian to Norah Jones – purrs instead of pounces, seduces rather than shouts, and caresses instead of crashes. Together, Monder and McHenry navigate through a sea of melodic complexity, in a number of rhythmic and harmonic contexts toward a bold, new vista of twenty first century improvisation.


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