SSC1357 2013-08-27

Track List

Elysium - 4:49
Hydra - 24:17
Aplysia - 8:48
39 - 11:13
Yugen - 7:29
Tredecadrome - 15:13
Postlude - 2:35
Charlotte's song - 3:58


Ben Monder - guitar, bass
John Patitucci - bass
Theo Bleckmann - vocals
Skuli Sverrisson - bass
Ted Poor - drums
Gian Slater - vocals
Martha Cluver - vocals

Musicians who are highly regarded yet manage to fly under the radar are rarities. Guitarist/composer Ben Monder has steeled himself as a peerless innovator on his instrument, yet the scarcity of his releases as a leader has made him known mainly to connoisseurs. Sunnyside is proud to present Monder’s new recording, Hydra, which features the guitarist’s astounding music performed by an incredible cast, including vocalist Theo Bleckmann, drummer Ted Poor and bassists Skúli Sverrisson and John Patitucci.