SSC1429 2016-09-30

Track List

Bedouin Woman - 3:03
Fabula - 2:49
Drum Song for Leadbelly - 4:21
Aquatic Life - 3:10
Proximity - 5:03
Let Me Tell You This - 3:22
Broken Heart - 0:56
Drum Man Cyrille - 5:09
Double Dutch - 3:02
Seasons - 6:14
Dervish - 1:35
To Be Continued - 0:06


Andrew Cyrille - drums
Bill McHenry - tenor saxophone

The rare duo setting between percussionist and saxophonist has only a few recorded examples, think John Coltrane and Rashied Ali’s classic Interstellar Space. Inspired by a remarkable Village Vanguard performance, first time producer Max Koslow asked the legendary drummer Andrew Cyrille and saxophone luminary Bill McHenry to record an album for him. The resulting recording  Proximity highlights these two masters in the most intimate of settings performing pieces, some improvised and some provided by Cyrille or his peers, Don Moye and Muhal Richard Abrams.