The Song Is My Story

SSC1404 2015-02-17

Track List

Celestial Bird Dance - 1:18
Threshold - 3:22
Open Door Within - 3:46
Unfettered Muken - 1:52
Spiral Mist - 2:15
Just Arrived - 3:29
Kalahari Pleiades - 6:09
For Coltrane, Pt. 1 - 0:57
Twelve By Twelve - 1:39
Shadows Lean Against My Song - 1:53
The Song Is My Story - 1:32
Marinska - 2:16
African Dawn - 0:39
Eclipse At Dawn - 2:01
Phambili - Looking Ahead - 1:40
For Coltrane, Pt. 2 - 4:28
Children Dance - 0:33


Abdullah Ibrahim - piano

The physical CD includes a full length video.

The South African jazz legend and pianist Abdullah Ibrahim visited Italy in the summer of 2014, played on the legendary "Fazioli" grand piano and visited the workshop where these exquisite pianos are crafted. There is a concert hall there with fantastic instruments, which sound as if they were created especially for Ibrahim. He recorded The Song Is My Story there as a free improvisation, for the most part. Fortunately, professional films were shot during these performances, which helped to provide a DVD with concert excerpts as well as impressive comments by, and conversations with, the great Abdullah Ibrahim.