SSC1212 2009-03-03

Track List

Dust - 1:05
Corridors Radiant - 1:18
Jabulani - 1:05
Dust (Reprise) - 5:13
Nisa - 6:15
'Senzo' - Contours And Time - 2:29
Meditation / Mummy - 2:17
Banyana, Children Of Africa - 0:52
Mamma - 1:05
Blue Bolero - 6:07
In A Sentimental Mood - 3:01
Ocean & The River - 1:23
Ocean & The River - 2:45
In The Evening - 3:06
Blues For Bea - 0:53
Prelude 'For Coltrane' - 0:55
Aspen - 1:13
Blues For A Hip King - 6:03
Third Line Samba - 2:10
Tookah - 1:26
Pula - 1:32
For Coltrane - 5:07


Abdullah Ibrahim - piano

"The solo piano performance has been an important showcase for the artistic development of the legendary Abdullah Ibrahim. These performances allow the audience an unobstructed glimpse at his ability as a performer and musical sociologist. Since the mid-1950s, Ibrahim has been active in the combination of jazz music with folk music associated with the various native peoples of South Africa.The combination is a unique hybrid of modern jazz and the rhythmic, singsong melodic forms of the native tribes.
Ibrahim became the world’s ambassador of South African jazz after he left for Europe to escape the turmoil of Apartheid. Senzo is Ibrahim’s new CD, which documents a recent live performance for German radio. The solo concert has been a prime vehicle for Ibrahim since the mid-1960s and continues to be his modus operandi. The continuous program is made up of originals, dedications and a classic tune (Ellington’s “In A Sentimental Mood”) each done with the stylistic care of a truly individual voice. These songs are done as a tribute to Ibrahim’s heritage but also to the innovators that made his music possible. Senzo is a beautiful artistic journey through the unique musical mind of Abdullah Ibrahim."


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