Sotho Blue

SSC1276 2011-04-05

Track List

Calypso Minor - 6:24
Sotho Blue - 5:27
Abide - 2:52
Nisa - 6:32
The Mountain - 2:54
The Wedding - 3:47
Glass Enclosure - 7:00
Star Dance - 5:09
Joan Capetown Flower (Emerald Bay) - 9:22


Abdullah Ibrahim - piano
Belden Bullock - acoustic bass
George Gray - drums
Cleave Guyton - alto saxophone, flute
Keith Loftis - tenor saxophone
Andrae Murchison - trombone
Jason Marshall - baritone saxophone

For nearly three decades, legendary South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim has written for and performed with Ekaya. This medium sized jazz ensemble has the flexibility of a small group but can flesh out Ibrahim’s compositions like one much larger. The group’s new recording Sotho Blue (Sunnyside/Intuition) showcases a wonderful new generation of Ekaya along with the lovely writing and arranging of Ibrahim. Along with a number of new compositions, Ibrahim provides new arrangements of his now classic themes, “The Mountain” and “The Wedding.”


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