Tribute To Chombo

SSC1084 1999-01-01

Track List

Para Ti - 5:50
Perfidia - 7:42
Perdido - 6:32
Close Your Eyes - 5:59
Mongorama - 5:35
Guajira At The Blackhawk - 7:01
Rumba Para "Chombo" - 7:52
Delirio - 1:50
Blues For "Chombo" - 6:09
Trio-P.R. - 5:01


Angel "Cachete" Maldonado -conga
Jerry Medina - vocals, coro, trumpet
Jimmy Rivera - drums, timbales, claves
David Sanchez - sax tenor
Charlie Santiago - bongos, timbales, guiro
Ivan Ramos Angulo - claves,
Victor Payano - sax tenor, flute
Yan Carlos Artime -piano
Jerry Gonzalez - conga, flugelhorn, tom-tom, chekere, quinto, tumbadora, cowbell, guiro, cor, trumpet
Anthony Carrillo - bongos
Ray Coen - piano
Andy Gonzalez - bass
Tony Lujan - trumpet

Illustration by Phillipe Lechien


Tenor saxophonist/violinist Jose "Chombo" Silva was supposed to record with Jerry Gonzalez's Fort Apache Band, but a stroke in 1994 ended his career and (a year later) his life. Rumbajazz is a tribute to the late Chombo, consisting mostly of songs that he had previously recorded (including "Perfidia," "Perdido," "Mongorama," and "Guajira at the Blackhawk") plus a few tributes. Victor Payano and
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide