Home - Gift of Music - Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

SSC1313 2012-09-25

Track List

Gambare Nippon - 0:24
If It Was - 2:47
Coming Home - 2:19
Home - 3:17
Music Is the Magic - 4:03
Tillery - 5:35
Fear Not The Fall - 6:26
Leaves Rebirth - 4:44
Doves - 7:36


Claudia Acuna - vocals
John Ellis - vocals
Alan Hampton - vocals, guitar
Gretchen Parlato - vocals, percussion
Becca Stevens - vocals, guitar
Leron Thomas - vocals
Sachal Vasandani - vocals
Doug Wamble - vocals, guitar
Dayna Stephens - tenor saxophone
Taylor Eigsti - piano
Adam Rogers - guitar
Ryan Scott - guitar
Danton Boller - acoustic bass
Chris Tordini - acoustic bass, vocals
Ben Williams - acoustic bass
Johnathan Blake - drums
Bill Campbell - drums

"It is with a heavy heart that I write this. I wish I were able to bring you the CD under different circumstances.

But here we are. News of unprecedented disaster that hit Japan last year has come and gone but the need for relief remains. I am sending this music into the world as an ambassador for people in Japan. I also hope that these songs will bring some comfort and light in your dark moments and help you reconnect with your own humanity.

Thank you for purchasing this CD. All proceeds from the sales will be forwarded to Habitat for Humanity, Japan.
They are working hard to build homes for those who lost a great deal in the Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear
disaster on 3.11.11. You can learn more about their activity and how you can help at www.habitatjp.org
Except for manufacturing, everything for this CD has been generously donated: music, engineering, studio time, artwork, label distribution, and PR services. All the songs (except for track 5) were written just for this project and they are our gifts to you.

I would like to thank all the artists who rose to the occasion: Claudia Acuña, Johnathan Blake, Danton Boller, Bill Campbell, Taylor Eigsti, John Ellis, Alan Hampton, Gretchen Parlato, Adam Rogers, Ryan Scott, Dayna Stephens, Becca Stevens, Leron Thomas, Chris Tordini, Doug Wamble, Sachal Vasandani, and Ben Williams. I am blessed to call them friends and colleagues and in awe of what they have created here with such short notice. Thank you Sandro Albert, Brian Michael Bacchus, Ravi Coltrane, Renee Neufville, ES, William Stevens, Chris Turner, and Imani Uzuri for your love and support. Very sincere thank you to Nancy Marciano, Joe Marciano, Mike Marciano, Rich Lamb, and Max Ross at Systems Two Studio in
Brooklyn, NY for your time and energy. This project would have been just a passing thought if it weren’t for you guys. Thank you Ingrid Hertfelder for capturing the magic so beautifully. Thank you Liberty Ellman for taking things to the next level. You rock. Thank you Kiku Yamaguchi for creating such a beautiful image for HOME.
Big thank you to Takao Fujioka for saving me at the eleventh hour. Very warm thank you to François Zalacain at Sunnyside Records for helping me birth this music. You are in the business of making dreams come true and it’s no exception here. Thank you Jordy Freed and Don Lucoff of DL Media for helping me get the word out.

And last but certainly not least: I want to thank my family for their truly unconditional love and enduring
support. Thank you, Johnathan, for your unwavering faith in me and for putting up with the madness that is me. Thank you, Muna, for allowing me to be a lousy Mommy while working on this project. Thank you, Johna, for always loving me and making me laugh. I can go out and face the world no matter how difficult it gets because you guys are my HOME. I love you.

Rio Sakairi"