Ya Yo Me Cur�

SSC1068 1980-01-01

Track List

Agueybana Zemi - 6:43
Nefertiti - 8:23
Yo Ya Me Cure - 5:24
The Lucy Theme - 2:59
Baba Fieden Orisha - 6:54
Caravan - 8:19


Nicky Marrero - timbales, chekere, guataca
Edgardo Miranda - electric guitar, cuatro
Mario Rivera - tenor sax, vocals
Steve Turre - trombone,conch shell, percussion
Papo Vasquez - vocals, trombone
Frankie Rodriguez - vocals, chekere, bata, quinto
Carlos Mestre - vocals, chekere, tumbadora
Jerry Gonzalez - flugelhorn, vocals, bombo, quinto, mixing, cascara, trumpet
Milton Cardona - vocals
Don Alias - drums
Vincent George - guiro, percussion
Gene Golden - vocals, chekere, bata
Andy Gonzalez - vocals, bass
Hilton Ruiz - vocals, piano

"This amazing album effects raw, seminal Afro-Cuban jazz fusion, with Cuban and bebop musicians mixing it up in two traditions: bop (Monk, Shorter, Ellington) and Cuban chant. It's as important a contribution in small band work to both traditions as George Russell's Cubano Be and Cubano Bop and Tito Puente's crossover work with big bands." (Fred Bouchard/ Jazz Times)