Rumba Para Monk

SSC1036 1989-01-01

Track List

Monk'S Mood - 11:17
Bye-Ya - 6:48
Nutty 5:41
Little Rootie Tootie - 9:51
Misterioso - 10:08
Ugly Beauty - 7:29
Reflections - 9:34
Jackie-Ing - 11:30


Jerry Gonzalez - trumpet, fluegelhorn, percussions
Steve Berrios - drums, percussions
Andy Gonzalez - bass
Carter Jefferson - tenor sax
Larry Willis - piano

"Inspired not only by Monk's originality and power, but by the spirit of dance and celebration that inhabited his music, Gonzalez has done considerably more than graft Latin elements onto Monk tunes. He has analyzed the natures of the compositions and infused then with the Latin rhythms he finds inherent in them." (Doug Ramsey / Jazz Times)