Dark Blue

SSC1544 2019-05-17

Track List

Dark Blue - 7:51
Tough Love - 3:53
Chakra - 7:47
Black Sea - 2:57
Monkey See - 3:53
Not That Kind Of Blues - 6:07
Esto - 1:59
H.B. - 3:18
Low Country Blue - 4:01
The Invisible Man - 3:06
Hymn - 5:39


Alex Harding - baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Lucian Ban - piano

Even though musicians may come from divergent places, it is amazing to find that many have the same proclivities when it comes to musical tendencies and taste. The relationship between Detroit born baritone saxophonist and bass clarinetist Alex Harding and Romanian pianist Lucian Ban is one example, in this case two musician from such different places, coalesce around the power of the blues. Their new recording, Dark Blue, is a testament to their musical and brotherly bond.