SSC1609 2021-04-09

Track List

Opening - Freeflow - 13:37
Belize - 7:31
Dad - 10:45
Blacksalt - 3:00
Interlude - 0:57
Untold - 6:29
Not That Kind of Blues - 8:48


Abraham Burton - tenor saxophone
Lucian Ban - piano

Burton and Ban were introduced by drummer Bruce Cox in 2006. Their immediate rapport was only intensified by their mutual appreciation for each other’s talents. Ban enjoyed the saxophonist’s sound and melodic sense and Burton was impressed by Ban’s beautiful, purposeful writing and musical breadth. Once they developed trust, the music really began to flow. Their mutual appreciation for the jazz tradition and ballads insured that these diehard romantics had found in each other a musical companion that would not only push, but in any musical context. The pairing became regular when Ban invited Burton to join his band, Elevation, which has recorded two well-received albums for Sunnyside. // The two began playing duo concerts not too long afterward, cementing the cause when they were invited by Todd Barkan to perform at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola’s Late Night sessions and met with an incredible response. The two have continued these well-received events throughout New York City and on a number of European tours. On June 5, 2018, the last night of an eleven-stop tour of Europe, Burton and Ban had the opportunity to record Blacksalt at The Baroque Hall in Timisoara.