Songs From Afar

SSC1387 2016-01-22

Track List

Transylvanian Sorrow Songs - 3:57
Farewell - 6:34
Travlin' With Ra - 7:48
Solo Fro A Brother With Perfect Timing (For AI) - 7:02
Chakra, The Island - 7:56
Spiritual (For HJ) - 6:56
Transylvanian Wedding Song II - 2:19
Southern Dawn - 5:17
Teaca, A Song from Afar - 3:56


Lucian Ban - piano
Abraham Burton - tenor saxophone
John Hebert - bass
Eric McPherson - drums
Mat Maneri - viola
Gavril Tarmure - vocals"

Pianist Lucian Ban has looked to his native Romania for musical inspiration on many of his projects. For his new recording with his quartet Elevation, which features saxophonist Abraham Burton, bassist John H├ębert and drummer Eric McPherson plus special guest violist Mat Maneri, Ban reaches to his Romanian roots and infuses his modern jazz compositions with elements of Transylvanian folk music. Songs From Afar features tremendous original music from Ban along with three folk tunes sung by the wonderful vocalist Gavril Tarmure.