At the Edge of the World

SSC1521 2018-11-16

Track List

Poinciana - 5:48
Luaty - 4:51
Isn't This My Sound Around Me - 5:21
When You Are Near - 8:23
Effendi - 5:25
En La Orilla Del Mundo - 4:26
Black Orpheus (Manha De Carnaval) - 5:35
Tokyo Dream - 6:15


Aaron Goldberg - piano
Matt Penman - bass
Leon Parker - drums

For the past 2 decades pianist Aaron Goldberg has crisscrossed the globe, spreading his music and absorbing local knowledge along the way. True to the jazz mentality, he learned to embrace serendipity as an artistic muse. Five years ago this month, in an historic chateau at the exact geographic center of France, Goldberg was reunited with an early influence. Soon a new project began to take shape. Goldberg’s latest recording, At The Edge of The World, documents this recent collaboration with drummer and percussionist Leon Parker, a brilliant innovator and performer, in a new trio along with the gifted bassist Matt Penman.