SSC1232 2010-04-13

Track List

Cancion Por La Unidad Latina - 6:02
Shed - 7:07
Homeland - 7:35
I Mean You - 2:54
The Rules - 6:20
Luiza - 7:56
Isn't She Lovely - 5:43
The Sound Of Snow - 4:03
Aze's Bluzes - 8:01
A Time For Love - 5:23


Aaron Goldberg - piano
Reuben Rogers - Acoustic / Electric Bass
Eric Harland - drums
Mark Tumer - tenor saxophone

"Backed by drummer Eric Harland and bassist Reuben Rogers, and augment by Mark Turner’s angular tenor saxophone, Aaron Goldberg’s varied and vivid variations of the entire jazz piano spectrum, his Tatumesque technique, his Evanesque colors, and his Jamal-style arrangements, imbue the CD’s ten tracks with an amazing assortment of foreign and familiar motifs that dance and trance, and sing and swing in a universal musical statement that translates into high art.
The ten selections on this CD highlight Aaron and company’s poetic and pulsating jazz travels. Save for the labyrinthine performances of great Cuban composer Pablo Milanes’ Afro-Latin standard “Cancion por La Unidad Latino Americana,” the leader’s equally Latintinged burner, “The Rules,” and the “Love Supreme”-like “Aze’s Bluzes,” all of which feature Turner’s snaky Warne Marsh-meets-John Coltrane solos, the rest of the CD features Goldberg’s terrific triad. His renditions of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s late classic “Luiza,” Thelonious Monk’s “I Mean You,” Johnny Mandel’s “A Time for Love,” and Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely,” are all rendered in interactive and inventive blues-ballads, and light-speed tempos, taking the songs to new musical ports-of-call.
Goldberg’s contrapuntal, Caribbean-cadenced “Shed,” and his sweetly, subcontinental “Homeland,” contrasted by the winter coolness of “The Sound of Snow,” showcase his still-evolving mastery of piano and pen."


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