The Now

SSC1402 2015-01-20

Track List

1. Trocando Em Miudos
2. Yoyo
3. The Wind In The Night
4. E-Land
5. Perhaps
6. Triste BaĆ­a Da Guanabara
7. Background Music
8. Francisca
9. One\'s A Crowd
10. One Life


Aaron Goldberg - piano
Reuben Rogers - bass
Eric Harland - drums
Kurt Rosenwinkel - guitar (track 10)

Hailed by DownBeat magazine for his "quick-witted harmonic reflexes, fluid command of line and cut-to-the-chase sense of narrative logic," Aaron Goldberg has made his name as one of jazz's most compelling pianists, both as a bandleader and frequent collaborator with Joshua Redman, Wynton Marsalis, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Guillermo Klein and many more. On his new release The Now, Goldberg reunites with bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Eric Harland, the virtuoso rhythm team going all the way back to his 1998 debut Turning Point. On their fifth outing together, the trio foreground a central truth about the art of playing jazz: that no two performances will be the same because the music is created, in Goldberg's words, "in the dynamic plane of the present."