SSC1478 2017-02-24

Track List

Table Talk - 6:22
Westinghouse - 6:36
Is That So? - 6:50
Fellowship - 6:58
Out Front - 0:51
Homestead - 6:14
Lifetime - 6:56
Central Park West - 7:27
P.S. - 5:03


Glenn Zaleski - piano
Dezron Douglas - bass
Craig Weinrib - drums

Through the act of improvisation, the jazz musician is continually composing. When it comes to formal composing of pieces for a jazz ensemble, the jazz musician must be able to not only write a good melody but also to provide a “springboard” for the ensemble to communicate and improvise. Pianist Glenn Zaleski’s second recording for Sunnyside, Fellowship, reconvenes his trio, featuring bassist Dezron Douglas and drummer Craig Weinrib, to play a program of original compositions and a couple of insightfully arranged standards.