My Ideal

SSC1406 2015-03-17

Track List

Nobody Else But Me - 4:39
Waltz for MD - 6:01
Make Someone Happy - 6:53
Cheryl - 4:10
Body and Soul - 6:27
REL - 4:18
Arietis - 4:50
My Ideal - 6:07
I'm Old Fashioned - 7:27


Glenn Zaleski - piano
Dezron Douglas - bass
Craig Weinrib - drums
Ravi Coltrane - tenor saxophone

When it comes to a recording or live performance debut for a jazz artists, it has become a custom to show what you are made of by interpreting a standard and, hopefully, impressing your style on the tune. It is precisely this nostalgic notion that guided pianist Glenn Zaleski on his debut recording as a leader, My Ideal, a tremendously varied and expertly wrought piano trio performance of compositions well-known in the genre and a couple that have the makings to be. To insure that the music was exploratory and new, Zaleski enlisted the talents of bassist Dezron Douglas and drummer Craig Weinrib to assist in generating arrangements that avoid contrivance but are played both proficiently and naturally.