The Question

SSC1591 2020-07-17

Track List

The Question - 8:51
Backstep - 7:26
Smoke and Mirrors - 6:06
Strange Meadow Lark - 7:38
Subterfuge - 5:07
BK Bossa Nova - 8:31
Road Life - 8:22
The Answer - 2:18


Glenn Zaleski - piano
Adam O'Farrill - trumpet
Lucas Pino - tenor saxophone
Desmond White - bass
Allan Mednard - drums

Summer walks in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park led Zaleski and his wife to the sanctuary of The Vale of Cashmere, a small, secluded pond densely populated with flowering trees. This became a favorite spot for Zaleski to meditate. It also became the spot where he began to compose and catalog music for an upcoming August performance, where he intended to revisit his favorite ensemble format, the quintet. // Zaleski’s choice of instrumentalists was easy and inspired. He knew that he wanted to feature the incredible sound of tenor saxophone and trumpet as leading voices. Saxophonist Lucas Pino is one of the pianist’s oldest friends and collaborators, so there was no question about his involvement. Trumpeter Adam O’Farrill is a more recent acquaintance but one that Zaleski wanted to revisit after first playing with O’Farrill seven years ago. // The rhythm section includes two musicians that Zaleski has long admired and performed with. Bassist Desmond White has been a regular collaborator with the pianist since college and drummer Allan Mednard has been a favorite time-keeper on many stages.