Sayat-Nova: Songs of My Ancestors

SSC4018 2014-04-15

Track List

Where Do You Come From, Wandering Nightingale? / Oosdi Goukas Gharib Blbool - 6:02
I Have Traveled The Whole World Over / Tamam Ashkhar Bdood Eka - 5:32
Without You, What Will I Do? / Arantz Kez Eench Goneem - 6:08
Surely, You Don't Say That You Also Cry? / Ches Asoum Te Latz-Es Eli - 4:13
I'll Never Know Your True Worth / Hees Koo Gheemetn Cheem Geetee - 6:44
I Call Lalanin / Hees Ganchoom Eem Lalaneen - 3:57
Praised Among All Instruments / Amen Sazi Mechn Govats (Kamanche) - 6:46
With The Nightingale You Also Cry / Blbooli-Hit Latz-Es Eli - 7:26
Were I Offered Your Weight In Pearls / Tekouz Koo Kashn Markrit Tan - 8:10
King Of Cathay / Shahkhatayee - 5:58
Your Headdress Is Silver and Silk / Tasdamazt Sim Oo Sharbab - 8:16
My Sweet Harp / Eem Anoush Davigh - 11:45
You Are Golden And Exotic Brocade / Tipa Oo Yenkitoonia - 6:05
As Long As I Draw Breath / Kani Vor Jan Eem - 11:31


Armen Donelian - piano
David Clark - bass
Georges Schuller - drums

Pianist, composer, bandleader, and educator Armen Donelian has carved out an enviable career spanning four decades, including seminal stints with Jazzmen Sonny Rollins, Billy Harper, Chet Baker, and Mongo Santamaria. But two other streams – Classical and Middle Eastern music – have influenced Donelian’s artistic direction. His new double album Sayat-Nova: Songs Of My Ancestors, his tenth release for Sunnyside, due for release April 15, combines these divergent paths into a work of stunning cohesion and sonic beauty and further elevates Donelian’s status as an improvising artist of the highest order.