Fresh Start

SSC4036 2022-04-01

Track List

Noviembre - 4:12
Fresh Start - 6:22
Ferry Maiden - 5:52
Madagascar - 6:04
Gale - 4:16
Never Let Me Go - 5:32
Tirado - 6:01
In the Western Night - 6:13
Day Break - 9:02
Janet Left the Planet - 4:12
I’m Stepping Out With a Memory Tonight - 3:04
Tales In The Western Night - 3:27


Armen Donelian - piano - vocals
Jay Anderson - bass
Dennis Mackrel - drums

When the history of Jazz during the COVID-19 pandemic gets written, Armen Donelian warrants a detailed chapter. Though he composed more than a dozen new pieces through the spring of 2021, the veteran pianist and educator didn’t use the downtime to reinvent his repertoire as much as he deepened his pianistic approach and sharpened his ears in the context of a supremely sensitive new trio with bassist Jay Anderson and drummer Dennis Mackrel. The group’s unabashedly beautiful debut, Fresh Start, is Donelian’s 14th album and his 11th for Sunnyside, the label that has documented the bulk of his work as a leader since the mid-1980s.