Trombone For Lovers

SSC1369 2013-11-19

Track List

Ghost Riders In The Sky (Featuring Steven Bernstein) - 3:13
Here, There & Everywhere (Featuring Bob Dorough & Steven Bernstein) - 3:36
Baby, It's Cold Outside (Featuring Steven Bernstein) - 2:49
Trouble In Mind (Featuring Fay Victor) - 5:18
Struttin' With Some Barbecue (Featuring Fay Victor) - 2:14
Sleepwalk - 3:04
Autumn Leaves (Featuring Michael Doucet & Rolf Sturm) - 3:41
Green Onions (Featuring Steven Bernstein & Gary Lucas) - 6:00
Tennessee Waltz (Featuring Michael Doucet & Rolf Sturm) - 4:00
Come Sunday - 4:53
Unchained Melody - 4:34
September Song (Featuring Michael Doucet & Rolf Sturm) - 3:28
Funky Little Sweet Thing - Slow Dance For Fast Times (Featuring Heather Masse) - 4:03
Joe Hill (Featuring NYC Labor Chorus & Dennis Nelson) - 3:34
Joe Hill (Featuring NYC Labor Chorus) - 1:49
Joe Hill - The Relentless Walk (Featuring Reggie Bennett & NYC Labor Chorus) - 3:56
Joe Hill - Joe Hill Will Never Die (Featuring NYC Labor Chorus) - 0:34


John Medeski - organ
Steve Bernstein - slide trumpet
Gary Lucas - guitar
Bob Dorough - vocals
Michael Doucet - violin
Heather Masse - vocals
Fay Victor - vocals
Richard Hammond - bass
Aaron Comess - drums
Rolf Sturm - guitar
Reggie Bennett - vocals
Ira Coleman - bass
Matthew Finck - guitar
T Xiques - drums
Dennis Nelson - piano
NYC Labor Chorus - vocals
Jana Ballard - conductor/artistic director

Legendary trombonist Roswell Rudd has put together a recording of pieces that bring him back to another time and place, those that spark images of the past and the emotions tied to them. The musical pieces chosen have become standards of American song, most of the selections stemming from Rudd’s recollections of childhood when he would sing the songs in school or in church. Trombone for Lovers brought together not only a collection of fantastic music but also a tremendous assortment of musical talent, including John Medeski, Bob Dorough, and Steven Bernstein.


Listen to a fantastic rendition of "Trouble In Mind" live at Le Poisson Rouge in New York ft. the inimitable Fay Victor and John Medeski.