Keep Your Heart Right

SSC1188 2008-06-24

Track List

Keep Your Heart Right - 06:36
Loved by Love - 05:22
I Look in the Mirror - 04:58
The Light is With Me - 07:12
I'Am Going Sane (one day at the time) - 05:39
Bamako - 05:56
All Nite Soul - 06:45
Suh Blah Blah Buh Sibi - 07:20
You Blew It - 04:30
Whatever Turns You On Baby - 06:40


Roswell Rudd - trombone
Lafayette Harris - piano
Brad Jones - acoustic bass
Sunny Kim - vocals

Joining the legendary trombone player Roswell Rudd are the pianist Lafayette Harris, the bassist Brad Jones, and singer Sunny Kim. Roswell Rudd has written songs for a long time and he says they have been waiting for the right singer.
Sunny Kim's humanity and individuality started to reveal themselves through these songs as her personal style began to emerge more and more. The songs and Sunny developed together. The Roswell Rudd Quartet had its premiere performance at the JVC Newport Jazz Festival in August, 2007 performing the songs on this CD.