El Espiritu Jibaro

SSC1174 2007-06-26

Track List

Tres, Cuatro - 8:11
Preludio - 3:53
El Amor - 11:08
Bamako - 4:44
Loved By Love - 5:48
Inspiracion - 5:57
Mayor G - 7:01
Este Es Yomo Toro - 0:34
Pouchie And The Bird - 7:34
Tango For Chris - 6:30


Alessandra Belloni - vocals
Alex Hernández - acoustic bass
Alicia Svigal - violin
Andy Eulau - acoustic bass
Bobby Sanabria - drums, percussion
Boris Kozlov - acoustic bass
Chris Washburne - trombone
Dalia Silva - vocals
David Oquendo - tres
Donald "Spider" Nicks - guitar - bass
Gene Jefferson - alto saxophone, vocals
George Cables - piano
Hiram "El Pavo" Remón - percussion, vocals
Igor Atalita - piano
Ilmar Gavillan - violin
Jay Collins - tenor saxophone, flute
John DiMartino - organ, piano
John Walsh - trumpet
Jorge Longo - acoustic bass
Marciela Serrano - vocals
Michelle Silva - vocals
Mike Rodriguez - trumpet
Peter Brainin - alto saxophone
Raúl Jaurena - bandoneon
Roswell Rudd - trombone
Wilson "Chembo" Corniel - conga
Yeissonn Villamar - piano
Yomo Toro - vocals

It was Yomo Toro who brought the cuatro (a ten string guitar) into the international arena – the funky jibaro (whom Robert Palmer, writing in The New York Times, called “the Puerto Rican Jimi Hendrix”) was a long time member of the Fania All Stars. When Roswell first heard Yomo he swooned, and they finally met in 2002 when Roswell sat in with Yomo at a concert in Haverstraw, NY. It was love at first sound and their collaboration had seeded. Following MaliCool and Blue Mongol, Roswell Rudd now collaborates with musicians of the Latin culture, and the fusion with his jazz idiom is perfect. Bobby Sanabria is my brother and when I play with him together I enjoy it very much and I learn.


His horn entered jazz growling or braying like an animal at the head of a parade or on the back of a truck. Here teh hoped for synthesis occurs...

Francis Davis, the village VOICE - February 2007
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"El Espiritu Jibaro" is a relaxed and rousing program of music in a variety of Latin American styles.
Martin Johnson, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - August 2007
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