SSC1225 2009-06-16

Track List

Sonhouse - 4:08
Conjuration Of Angles - 3:42
Marco Polo - 3:54
Shine! - 3:14
The Laughing Bell - 3:13
East Boogie(Kolby's Theme) - 4:38
Ephraim - 4:29
Angel - 5:10
Teo (Ted's Theme) - 5:12
Se'Lah - 4:02
Variation - 2:03
Esre! - 2:31


JD Allen - saxophone
Gregg August - acoustic bass
Rudy Royston - drums

"The notion of jazz music being equal measures of construction and deconstruction of musical elements is well heeded. Development of a compatible group of musicians and the assembly of the harmonic and melodic elements to create a tune are both important examples of construction in jazz.
Deconstruction can be just as stimulating by subverting elements at will and allowing the musicians the freedom to express themselves without a script. Saxophonist JD Allen has done his best to bridge the gap between the two on his new recording Shine! He has done so by taking his crack trio, featuring bassist Gregg August and drummer Rudy Royston, through the paces on not only his well-constructed compositions but also through more open improvisatory passages. Allen’s penchant for melody comes through in his compositions and improvisations no matter how far off the beaten path. The trio navigates the music with aplomb and makes Shine! a fantastic addition to JD Allen’s growing discography."


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