San Francisco

SSC1182 2008-02-12

Track List

Love Marks - 5:08
E Se - 3:34
Tatuagem - 3:41
Memories In Black and White - 3:45
Encontro - 3:51
Anoiteceu - 5:17
The Roses - 6:18
Behind Close Doors - 3:20
Tempestade - 3:59
Spring-buds Through the Snow - 5:26
Passagem - 4:03


Brad Meldhau - piano
Doug Weiss - acoustic bass
Gilad - percussion
Freddie Bryant - guitar
Chico Pinheiro - guitar
Chris Potter - alto flute, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
Erik Friedlander - cello

San Francisco is an ode to three outstanding Brazilian songwriters who happen to have their first names in common: Francisco “Chico" Buarque de Hollanda, Francis Hime, and Francisco "Chico" Pinheiro.
One of the greatest treasures of Brazil is the songwriter, singer novelist and playwright Francisco Buarque de Hollanda, better known as Chico Buarque. He was chosen as “Brazil's Musician of the Century” by the prominent weekly news magazine Isto É. Music legends like Tom Jobim (second), Milton Nascimento, João Gilberto, Caetano Veloso, and Gilberto Gil were chosen among the top 10. Buarque has been a major influence on the Brazilian music scene since the mid 1960's. His catalogue contains more than 300 songs, many of which were top 10 hits in Brazil in the past four decades. His music is extremely popular throughout the Latin world. His hits have been adapted into Spanish and Italian and some even into French.
I fell in love with his music upon first listening! In Brazil he is being hailed as “one of the successors of Jobim” in the press, and “one of the most exciting young Brazilian composers to arise on the scene in decades.” I am proud to feature him on some of his gorgeous compositions here.