Song For Anyone

SSC3074 2007-09-11

Track List

The Absence - 7:36
Against the Wind - 7:58
Closer to the Sun - 8:08
Family Tree - 4:52
Chief Seattle - 9:44
Cupid And Psyche - 9:11
Song For Anyone - 8:57
The Arc of a Day - 4:00
Estrellas del Sur - 8:01
All by All - 4:45


Chris Potter - saxophone
Erica Von Kleist - flute
Greg Tardy - clarinet
Michael Rabinowitz - bassoon
Mark Feldman - violin
Lois Martin - viola
David Eggar - cello
Steve Cardenas - guitar
Scott Colley - acoustic bass
Adam Cruz - drums, percussion

Being regarded as one of the most dazzling saxophonists in jazz should be enough for Chris Potter. But with his new album, Song For Anyone, Potter is making a tremendous statement with his brilliant compositions and arrangements. Song For Anyone is Potter’s first recording for a chamber jazz tentet, which features a conventional jazz quartet augmented by bassoon, clarinet, flute, and a string section. All compositions were written and arranged by the leader. This recording will prove to be a real milestone in the young, but already prolific, career of Chris Potter.


Nothing seems beyond his grasp. but the delights here are that some of the settings temper his powerdrill intensity and offer light and shade.

Michael Jackson, DOWNBEAT - April 2007
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His work as a leader has now grown imposing. This year, Potter released this—refreshingly unique and unusual—studio album of compositions for tentet. Potter, let there be no mistake, has become one of the most ambitious and ingenious jazz musicians of the new century.

Will Layman, PopMatters - December 2007 read the full article

Potter’s reputation as one of the most important saxophonists to emerge in the past fifteen years continues to be validated with each passing years. Song for Anyone ups the ante, making it clear that, more than “just” an important saxophonist, he’s a broadminded artist whose composition and arrangement skills deserve to be considered of equal value.

John Kelman, all.about.jazz - September 2007 read the full article

Potter's corpulent tone and vast expressionism remins intact throughout. .. He engages a multilayered fabric of sound sculpting that communicates heartening sentiment with power-packed jazz motifs.

Glen Astarita, jazzreview magazine - December 2007 read the full article

The leader of the Chris Potter 10 is only 36, but he's established himself as one of the most versatile saxophonists in jazz.
JAZZIZ - January 2008 read the full article