SSC3034 2006-01-31

Track List

Next Best Western - 09:40
Morning Bell - 05:41
Nudnik - 09:53
Lotus Blossom - 05:09
Big Top - 11:46
The Wheel - 06:59
Celestial Nomad - 06:28
Underground - 11:11
Yesterday - 02:50


Chris Potter — tenor saxophone
Wayne Krantz — guitar
Craig Taborn — fender rhodes
Nate Smith — drums
Adam Rogers — additional guitar on “The Wheel” and “Yesterday”

One of the elite saxophonists of his generation, Chris Potter continues to stretch musical boundaries .
A dynamic offering that strikes a provocative balance between composition and freewheeling improvisation, Underground showcases Potter’s remarkable chemistry with guitarist Wayne Krantz, keyboardist Craig Taborn and drummer Nate Smith, Chris’ bandmate in the Dave Holland Quintet. Following the release of Lift (which featured keyboardist Kevin Hays, bassist Scott Colley and drummer Bill Stewart), Potter began experimenting with different personnel in his gigs at New York’s 55 Bar, an intimate Greenwich Village jazz club that has served as a kind of laboratory for a number of artists in the city. Ultimately, he hit on this winning combination of Krantz, Taborn and Smith. “I worked with a lot of different people until I ended up feeling like, ‘That’s the band,’” This potent unit of abundantly talented players was able to establish an all-important bandstand chemistry while on tour in Europe last year before finally going into the studio to record. Throughout Underground, the quartet nimbly shifts gears from intensely aggressive unison passages and tightly executed contrapuntal lines, fueled by Smith’s power-precision backbeats, to more open-ended sections that allow for some adventurous stretching.


"The emergence of Chris Potter as one of the most dynamic young players in jazz has been fascinating to behold."
- Chicago Tribune

"Young, prodigiously talented saxophonist Chris Potter doesn't get quite as much ink as, say James Carter or Joshua Redman, but he could show those whiz kids a thing or two."
- Entertainment Weekly

"His work is remarkably free of cliches and default licks...daring yet precise, with clean edges and unexpected implications...he is something special."
- Down Beat

Concrete evidence of Chris Potter's greatness can be found on Underground... It is the best and most creative album yet from a dauntingly talented artist with a bright future ahead of him.
Paul Olson , All About Jazz, January 2006
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