What's Love?

SSC1688 2022-10-28

Track List

Feelin’ It In Your Bones - 5:25
Firefly - 5:06
For All We Know - 4:17
Catalyst - 4:25
I’m Moving On - 5:00
What’s Love Got to Do With It - 5:35
Just When I Thought - 4:46
With You - 4:39
Let Life Lead You - 5:07
Blues That Soothe My Soul - 4:27
I’ll Love Again - 4:34
Born to Be Blue - 4:38
Right Here, Right Now - 4:40


Judy Niemack - vocals
Peter Bernstein - guitar
sullivan Fortner - piano
Doug Weiss - bass
Joe Farnsworth - drums
Eric Alexander - alto saxophone

After hoping to record for several years, Peter, Sullivan and I agreed to go into the studio following Peter’s gig at the Village Vanguard, (where I’d made my debut on the NYC jazz scene back in 1978). Peter invited me to join the band onstage but New York City locked down that night. // We finally met again more than a year later at the historic Van Gelder studio, now owned and run by my dear friends, Maureen and Don Sickler. With excitement we hugged for the first time in way too long. // The happiness of seeing each other in person again as well as making music together in the legendary studio lifted everybody up. In two days we recorded 13 songs! // My heartfelt thanks to Peter, Sullivan, Doug and Joe for your focused, soulful music-making, to Maureen for her masterful engineering and patience, and to Don, for advising, managing, and producing. Chris Drukker captured the mood perfectly, always supportive. Thanks Katsuhiko for final mixing and mastering.