Long As You're Living

SSC4992 1990-01-01

Track List

Long As You're Living - 5:34
Waltz for Debby - 4:20
The Maestro - 6:10
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat / I Remember Clifford - 7:25
Caribbean Fire Dance - 3:13
The Island - 7:10
Monk's Dream - 3:31
You've Taken Things Too Far - 5:02
To Welcome the Day - 3:38
Out of This World - 4:45
Daahoud - 3:47
Infant Eyes - 6:03


Judy Niemack - vocals
Fred Hersch - piano
Scott Colley - bass
Billy Hart - drums
Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone

Recorded direct to 2-Track, Judy’s first encounter with the great Billy Hart on drums...
"Judy has an inner sweetness to her voice....and a jazz edge. The combination is effective. She's musically sophisticated. She befriends the pulse and interacts with jazz musicians well. She draws from feelings and experiences, using melodies by jazz composers- some of them quite challenging- as her basis for creativity..." Burt Korall, International Musician"She puts over a tune with passion and singular phrasing. She slaloms with streamlined precision through tricky be-bop lines and changes. She twists, turns, scats, leaps and bounds with Olympian grace...displaying admirable control, balance and understatement...Classy." Gene Kalbacher, Hot House