Swiss Jazz Orchestra & Guillermo Klein

SSC1552 2019-05-03

Track List

Cordoba - 5:23
Riqueza Abandonada - 9:59
Agua (Para Mantener) - 5:03
Manuel - 3:56
Paredon - 4:25
Patent Office (Ibernia) - 7:27
Machine & Emile - 6:32
A los Enemigos del Sol - 4:33
Es Infinita - 5:43
Inside Zytglogge - 3:05
Zytglogge II - 6:22
Hymn - 1:41
Lepo - 4:03


Guillermo Klein - Fender Rhodes
Swiss Jazz Orchestra - Orchestra
Adrian Pflugshaupt - alto, soprano sax, flute
Reto Suhner - alto, soprano sax, clarinet, flute
Cédric Gschwind - tenor sax, clarinet, flute
Jürg Bucher - tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
Matthias Tschopp - baritone sax, bass clarinet
Dave Blaser - trumpet, flugelhorn
Johannes Walter - trumpet, flugelhorn
Lukas Thoeni - trumpet, flugelhorn
Thomas Knuchel - trumpet, flugelhorn
Vincent Lachat - trombone
Stefan Schlegel - trombone
Andreas Tschopp - trombone
Jan Schreiner - tuba
Samuel Leipold - guitar
Philip Henzi - piano
Lorenz Beyeler - bass
Rico Baumann - drums

The Swiss Jazz Orchestra has created a fabulous collective ensemble that has found a way to play regularly every Monday night in Bern, Switzerland since the ensemble’s inception in 2003. But the truly remarkable thing about the ensemble is its dedication to the presentation of new works by visiting artists and composers. Celebrated composer and pianist Guillermo Klein has been a regular collaborator with the Orchestra for the past few years and the Swiss Jazz Orchestra & Guillermo Klein presents the tremendous work the pairing has allowed to flourish.